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Hey all. So it occurs to me that, now that we have the non-cracked blue updated Classic Space helmet in the Ninjago Gamer’s Market, the only thing we need to make a non-Benny, generic Blue Classic Spaceman is the torso in blue with a non-faded Classic Space logo. (And anyone who bought more than one TLM2 set with Benny will have that, personally I think I have at least four.) 

The only thing left to do is either create a custom sticker or custom print of the logo and slap it on a spare Benny torso with a classic smiley face and the non-cracked helmet. So, is there anyone more skilled at customisation than me who knows how I’d go about doing that?

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2 hours ago, Space Police XVIII said:

No idea about a DIY solution, but there's the option to just order one: https://www.steindrucker.com/space-classic

This outfit sells custom printed parts.  I've got a handful Classic Space and M-Tron bits, including a CS logo on a dark tan torso.  Looks good enough to be an official print.

They’re currently out of stock, but thanks. Still, I’d rather just repurpose what I already have than order something entirely new and still have two spare duplicate Bennies being totally useless. 

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