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Video: Custom trains running around a house (TGV, Eurostar, ICE...)

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Hi there!

First of all best wished for the year 2020! (Yes, I am not writing that regularry there, so I might say, 15 days would be just a slightly bit :D )

Some days ago, I got a nice chance: My grandfather lost one of his lodgers so I got the space building a train layout.


The following you're going to see (if you'd just watch the video :D)

S-Bahn Hamburg 9v (MOC)
Eusocity (MOC)
TEE Trans Europ Express (MOC)
NS IC Netherlands (MOC)
Train Station (MOC)

Metronom (NOT my MOC)
RE Double (Not my MOC)
4/4 train CH (Not my MOC)
Car transporter (Not my MOC)

ICE3 (lego9vtrainfan, Copy)
TGV (lego9vtrainfan, Copy)
Eurostar (lego9vtrainfan, Copy)

Lego 4558 B-Model engine
Lego 7939 Octan 15x
Lego 60197 passenger train 2018
Lego 60051 passenger train/ ICE 2014
... and maybe something more I missed out to list... :-o


I hope, you'll enjoy the video!




If you have any ideas what I can improve (further trains, different cutting, other handeling of the camera etc.), I'd like to know!
Right, I am currently looking for some more train models I can build, so suggestions would be great! ;-)
btw: For most trains I would have several more coaches (Just naming the most impressive Example, the Eurostar: In total, I've 2 engines and 10 coaches - in the video just 4 coaches (and of course the two engines) were used... terrible curves tracks -> the "flat" is still to small for my collection :-o )



Best regards from Germany!

Niklas// TrainTraum

Edited by traintraum
Can't remember, why the integration of my video isn't working :-o As far as I can remember, last time, it still was possible integrating a video onto site.

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That looks like great fun. Standouts for me were the TEE and the white/blue/yellow double decker (regional?) train

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The white/blue/yellow double decker is a regional train, yes. It's used by a company from lower saxony.

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Yes, this train company is called “Metronom” and mainly runs trains in the area between Hamburg, Hannover and Lüneburg.


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