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[MOD] 43175 Disney princess adventure book another fun

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Hello there, as we knew 21315 POP-UP BOOK are very cool and popular, since LEGO released some "books" this year, and I noticed there're 2x2 studs at each corner, to modify another simplified pop-up book, this idea came out in my vision.


"In the name of elements queen, open!"


step by step...




And I modified MFs with other attachments, actually I think MF collection hairs part is more fit princess MF queen.


back light shows frozen side more crystal.


The only challenge per this modification is to control the total height of dual peaks, if some one may be interesting, I could duplicate this build in and show the critical target.

Further fun with other relevant theme toys, since I got my daughter, it's righteous for me to buy girls LEGO and even barbies :)


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Nice job, working on the same principle of the Ideas pop-up book! I agree with you that the CMF Elsa hair is much more fitting than the Disney Princess line one, though it's still the wrong colour and should be white.

It's unlikely that I'll pick up any of these books just because there are other more important things, but they do look like a lot of fun. I always applaud LEGO for trying a new style that remains LEGO-ish.

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