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[MOC] ME-408 Asterion Space Superiority and Defense Fighter

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Hello Eurobricks Sci-Fi forum!  This is my first MOC post on the site, and as such, I would like to post the MOC that won the "Best Medium Spacecraft" category at Brickfair VA 2019.

Without further ado, I present the ME-408 Asterion starfighter, a multi-role space superiority and planetary/fleet defense strike craft.  It is designed for rapid deployment either via capital ship ordinance launch tubes or planetary defense launch silos, and as such lacks traditional landing gear.  Design-wise, this project began using leftover bits that were originally slated to upgrade one of my other starfighters but ended up going unused.  I took a lot of inspiration, at least in combat role design, from the Saber of Halo: Reach and the Vipers of Battlestar Galactica; thus, I wished to design a starfighter that would be sortied more like a missile or torpedo rather than a traditional sci-fi strike craft.  Also, I apologize for the less than perfect pictures; my camera abilities are a work in progress, as is setting up an area with proper lighting.  Rest assured, I will endeavor to greatly improve my MOC photos on subsequent posts.





A little fun fluff info from the work-in-progress sci-fi universe I've invented for all of my LEGO space creations:

ME-408 Asterion
-Pilot: Veronica Bianchi, call sign "Minerva"
-Classification: Space Superiority/Defense Fighter
-Manufacturer: Mécanique Du Elwinsen
-Operator: Terran Federation Navy
-Propulsion: 5 Sanderson Engineering custom fusion torch arrays with electro-magnetic thrust vectoring and acceleration, 2 Böhrs light gravimetric drive maneuvering units, maneuvering microthrusters
-Powerplant: Böhrs IL-6 strike fighter H-3 fusion core
-FTL: None
-Primary Armament: 2 Hershel, Kiesel, and Rhône particle beam-lance cannons, 2 HKR turbo particle beam-lance cannons
-Secondary Armament: 8 "Minotaur" General Purpose, High-Yield Missiles mounted in dorsal secondary engine pods
-Defense: TFN Class-7 duranium hull-plating laced with kinetic energy capacitor circuitry, LizBeth Industries “Rollotor” regenerative EM deflector field generator
-Detection & Communication: Böhrs "Vision" Mk. 4 sub-space sensor suite with basic weaponry targeting lasers and EM-spectrum optics array, basic sub-space radio
-Landing Gear: Reinforced foot pads integrated with primary fusion torch thrust vectoring array

Thank you for giving this creation a look!  Any feedback would be welcome, especially with regard to better building design tips!  I know one area in which I lack skill is in greebling, and most of my creations display this, as I tend to avoid even attempting to build/place any greebling.



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And it looks very good.  Doesn't need more greebling in my opinion, those sawtooth edges on the curve pieces give enough flavor.

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I love this MOC.  This starfighter has great shaping.

In terms of advice, let's see...

Work on colorblocking.  Instead of interspersing the color black freely throughout the MOC, maybe reserve black for just the mechanical parts, like the weapons and thrusters.  Then add a third minor color in a cohesive manner, like white, as stripes/decoration.  Whatever colors you use, be sure they tie the MOC together and don't end up camouflaging it by breaking up the lines of the starfighter.

As for greebling, I practice by making micro MOCs.  Doing this forces you to discover ways to insert a lot of detail into tiny MOCs and to create the suggestion of things at a small scale, which is fundamentally what greebling is.  If you love spaceships (who doesn't?) build some micro spaceships and you'll learn how to add those types of details at larger scales.

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Thank you, Space Police XVIII and pombe!  The ME designation used to denote said aircraft company, but I decided to make up the company "Mécanique Du Elwinsen" for originality purposes.  Also, thanks for the great advice, pombe!  I definitely could use more work on colour blocking!  As I read your comment, some parts of the MOC just lit up where I definitely should have done some palette swaps, so thank you for pointing that out!  I'm also in the process of planning out a few micro space MOCs; however, I don't know if I want to do micro strike craft or capital ships.

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Sajuuk, that is one sweet ride! Love the helmet choice too. :)

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