[MOC] Three freight cars

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Because i am not making any instructions of any of my mocs i am usually trying to make enough photos before turning them into parts so at least i can recreate them later on. I decided to freshen up my trains collection by getting rid of three freight cars.



First one is some basic flat car HEAVILY inspired by amazing model by Brick Model Railroader My one is just shorter and less detailed. i put some construction beams on top.


The second one is just some free build of a freight car. I just wanted to have one in full black to see how it looks. I also wanted to test 3 pairs of wheels in one boogie. Partially based on moc by scumpy on Rebrickable


Again, some construction piece on top but it also looks nice on it's own.


The last one is just use of big lego pieces. Can carry one or two containers.




Like always, more photos in my Flickr album

Hope you like it

Edited by Dorino
added credit for black car

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Thanks everyone for nice comments, i am now regretting dismantling them :laugh:

Good question! I only drove it few times in small loop but i didn't see any problems. 
Also, its not fully Innovative idea. I based it on what i saw on rebrickable by scumpy

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