[TC17] The Fishing Warrior - finished

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original post:

quite a challenge for me but I think I have a trike with steering, leaning-steering and suspension also. Not so much built at the moment due to time with the real bits.

when you lean the bike the wheels lean also. When you turn the handle bars the wheels turn in a more conventional fashion 

I may need a few brown stickers to finish it off as bright Lego colours in the Madmax world?

first run trial build and a LDD scetch of where it may be heading.

no doubt will be manual no PF

the center of the chassis where the 90 degree double pin things are sticking up remain stable and do not lean, uh, hopefully anyway...

there will be a shopping basket attached to those same pins for granny's shopping of fresh Roo road kill meat





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Yes your right well spotted, at the moment there is of course some flex in the front swing arm at the suspension end. I think I can iron most of that out and just by bringing the spring outward 2 studs helps the verticals flex a lot. The swing arm itself is surprisingly rigid as it sits.

I will need to keep the whole thing quite light.

I hope it all works in the end as flashbacks of my TC16 are all to vivid:blush: 

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I’ve changed direction a little as I’m getting hungry and need to scavenge and hunt, so a smaller more manageable build.

I found a motocross front end and a tricycle rear so I’m mating them together with a flat bed tray to carry scavenged food and fresh caught fish to eat and trade.

there will be a single piston engine and peddle power to each power all functions.

we will see how this one goes...:blush:



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update time as I think I have a good direction with this and some functions are operating well.

its still a preliminary build so far, as there are a few better coloured bits coming in the post and things to tidy up.

I'll try taking better photos when its finished. i tried to get a 70's madmax feel to the photos :blush:

functions should be 


-front suspension

-human pedal power (chain drive)

-single engine power (less fuel usage) with chain drive.

-Twin scroll goodness supercharger (with on/off :wink:) elastic band driven.

-adjustable seat height


-fishing net

-extending fish drying nets

other features are Ute type tray, sun shade and hopefully some other things to help a beach fishing mission.


there is only a limited amount of space under the back tray so i had to be inventive in the switching between pedal power and engine power. the lever to switch is located close to the rider seat so it can be switch when riding along. Supposedly to jump start the engine instead of starter motor.



underside shot shows a lot of cogs lined up because i could only put them on one level for compactness. also I didn't realise I would need a diff until I tried pushing this along and it just wouldn't steer!



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I have finally started the real build after a few small parts delivered. 

Here is the finished switching clutches. Operated by the steering links. A bit hard to see but I’ll put all detail of the operations in the final vid. The tan axle on the right switches the winch for the fishing nets etc. which is also chain driven. As said the upper switch operates either pedal or engine power.

the Ute tray sits right on top of this so I couldn’t use conventional switch mechanisms. But that’s the fun of technic.


Also We have a couple of fishing rods to go with the nets. Hopefully a couple other fishing equipment things too if I have time. These rods have a reel ‘lock’ using the small rubber axle thingy and are about 40-45 stud length I think.



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Twin scroll supercharger on single cylinder completed.

supercharger has on/off switch like any mad max supercharger should :devil: works great in forward but a bit iffy for reverse for unknown reason. 


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The Fishing Warrior is finished.

the roof was supposed to be all Tan colour but the bits never arrived in time. I had to take photos/video this weekend.

Supercharger had to go. it was too clumsy looking and the bands I had were too tight and it bent a little under the load...even though it worked.

anyway I think there is plenty of functions to play with with this.

Video almost finished.








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Interesting idea, really love how realistic-looking the fishing rods turned out on it. Reminded me of Richard Hamsters Hammonds' TVS from Mozambique special for some reason hahah


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thanks for comments people :thumbup: 

I'm a bit worried it does not look Mad enough for the competition, but I could still see it in that world for sure. And I'm glad I finished, with it working properly this time! and I had more fun with TC this time.




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Definitely fits the theme, in my opinion. The focus in the movies, especially the last one, is almost exclusively on combat and action. But peaceful people also roam that Mad Max world. One of my favorite vehicles in that universe has always been the gyrocopter, which was obviously not meant for war in the first place.

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