[MOC] These aren't the droids you're looking for

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Wow, you really surprised me with this creation! At first sight I thought this was just an impression of that famous scene to have a nice backdrop for the landspeeder. But then I took a look at the actual scene in the movie for comparison, and I must say I was not expecting things to line up so well! That moisture evaporator is in exactly the right spot, and in the movie is placed behind a buttress as well. And in the exact shot where the trooper says "these are not the droids we're looking for", you see a man walking towards the camera that looks quite a bit like that figure with the brown vest and light shirt in your build. I never knew there were details to notice in that scene, but you've managed to squeeze everything out of it to make your creation as precise as possible, and that's amazing! The only comment I would have is that I'm pretty sure that in one shot I spotted four troopers on the right side of the landspeeder :wink:

Regardless of how incredibly accurate your scene is, I also like the way it is built. You manage to make big pieces go a long way! I really like the texture on the ground. Even though you used some bigger plates in there, it still looks very random and natural with the restrained use of tiles and dark tan patches. There are some larger briks in the buildings, especially the various domes, dishes and curved panels. Those large smooth pieces would look out of place on a building that's highly textured everywhere, but you did not fall into that trap and kept them pretty smooth with more decorative, regular textures rather than things indicating decay. That way, the shape takes priority so you can get those nice rounded lines as seen in the movie. And the difference in texture between the buidlings and the ground makes the scene very clearly readable as well: they don't fuse together visually.

Speaking of textures, while those 1x2 bricks with one groove give a nice texture to the doors, there is a small thing that bothers me about their arrangement. Since you offset each row of themby one stud, the gaps between the pieces make them look more like bricks than like metallic panels to me. Maybe just stacking them in straight columns would break that illusion. And another illusion that would be nice to see is to see the landspeeder floating. Now it seems to rest on the studs instead of really hovering, which could be easily achieved with some transparent bricks.

Those would be some very minor finishing touches to maybe elevate this creation a bit more. In any case, it's fantastic already, with its nice composition, faithfulness to the movie, wise use pieces and plenty of other things I've not mentioned yet, such as the wonky way one of the stickers on those brown tiles with clips was put on, to show that that window has seen better days. Good stuff all around!


PS: one last thing: please resize your images to be conform the Eurobricks guidelines, which can be found in the link in my signature.


Images: Don't post images that are over 1,024 x 768 (or 768 x 1,024 for pictures with a portrait orientation) or are LEGO confidential. Images rarely need to be over 800 x 600


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On 1/9/2020 at 4:53 AM, macaron35 said:


how many pieces did you use ?

Oh i would have to guess north of 3,000 that ground is covered in tan 1x1s.

Thank you everybody

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