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Last year, korea did lego exhibition called "Brickorea 2019".

And we had a race as a sub-event.


One car for one person

Can possable use just lego set. not only moc.

Any shape allowed If model can move forward.

width is limited to max 30cm(circuit width is 50cm). no limit in length.

If model use PF system, only 2 channel is allowed per car.

Sbrick, Buwizz, and other none-lego motor or batterybox is not allowed.

9V buggy motor and other remote contol system before PF is not allowed.

If model use PU or C+ as control method, driver can use brickcontroller2 for contol.

Ranking method

Racing(racing time) 50% design(voted by competition participant) 50%


Circuit rayout. It was a round trip course. not normal racing circuit.

All yellow cone is obstacle. That charactor in middle of course is not obstacle. Originally is obstacle but removed.

All cone sticked use tape. Even fastiest car chash to cone with full speed it is safe.


Car list


1st winner. msk6003(me!)'s 'Porterleghini Muerlcierlago'

Original is Hyundai's porter truck. One picture is worth a thousand words.

Type - PF

Used  - 2 Train motor, 1 Servo motor


2nd winner. Fried Kim(새우튀김무영 in korean)'s 'White gold'

Type - Powered up

Used - 2 PU M motor


3rd winner. Bluebox(파란상자 in korean)'s 'Ladybug chased by wasp'

Wheel on front bumper is working as roller for following track wall.

Type - Powered up

Used - 2 PU M motor


Design winner. Nomingi(노민기 in korean)'s 'Lizard'

This model is 'walking' with 4 leg. Even can't moving properly but enough for attracting other people.

Type - Control +

Used - 2 C+ XL motor


Crescent_cho(초월 in korean)

This car is originally designed for soccer competition but it canceld.

Type - Powered up

Used - 2 PU M motor


Byeolgom(별에서온곰돌 in korean)'s 'Slapdash'

Type - Powered up

Used - 2 PU M motor


ParticleS's 'Two wheel'

He bought 76112 batmobile but want to try something different.

Type - Powered up

Used - 2 PU M motor


Ggureogi(꾸러기 in korean)'s 'Banggu-cha'

This is 42070 which converted to old korean-style disinfection car. Smoke from car is mini humidifier.

Type - PF

Used - 1 XL motor, 1 M motor


Rumix(루믹스 in korean)

Type - PF

Used - 1 L motor, 1 Servo motor.


Olive(올리브 in korean)'s 'I like bath'

This is pretty fast and very good-looking car.

Type - PF

Used - 1 L motor, 1 Servo motor


Macgyver(맥가이버 in korean)

Type - PF

Used - 2 L motor


Hyung Jun Jin(육포공장 in korean)'s 'Artist Jin's secret dietary life'

He is korean lego community 'Brickinside' 's lego ambassador.

Type - PF

Used - 2 L motor


Vant(반트 in korean)

That QR coad is linked to his instagram.

He is normally create lego art but doing first try to technic this time.

Type - Control +

Used - 1 C+ XL motor, 1 C+ L motor


Car under this sentence is made by korea technic team 'DASAN'.

First 3 car is body changed 42099.


Onepeace(원피스 in korean)

Type - Control+

Used - 2 C+ XL motor, 1 C+ L motor


Kimkamza(신봉동찐감자 in korean)'s 'Kamza car'

Type - Control+

Used - 2 C+ XL motor, 1 C+ L motor


Love like spring rain(사랑봄비 in korean)

Type - Control+

Used - 2 C+ XL motor, 1 C+ L motor


Kwonsu Shin(소원희인아빠 in korean)'s 'Dumper'

Type - PF

Used - 1 XL motor, 1 Servo motor, 1 L motor for dump function


Kwonsu Shin's junior

Type - PF

Used - 2 L motor




Picture with all participant and there own car.

Top low(from left to right)

Wani kim(competition host and main admin of Brickinside), Rumix, Macgyver, Olive, Vant, Crescent_cho, Onepeace, ParticleS, Love like spring rain, Kimkamza

Bottom low(from left to right)

Kwonsu Shin, Byeolgom, Ggureogi, Hyung Jun Jin, msk6003, Fried Kim, Bluebox, Nomingi


Top 3 winner with there own car and aword.

msk6003(1st), Fried Kim(2nd), Bluebox(3rd)

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