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Hello guys,

After a long year with building Castle :laugh: im back with an new Star Wars MOC. 

This time its from The Mandalorian (after Rogue One finally Disney make good Star Wars :grin:).

I love the first season and this Location looking so good!





Cant wait to see Season2 and looking forward for more MOCs.


All pics on flickr or Instagram (markus19840420)

Thanks for watching.



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Whoa thats a really nice build! I really like the well in the middle, how is it built?

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Beautiful, well except for all the bodies scattered around. :wink:


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Thank the Force for the Mandalorian, because thanks to it we get amazing builders such as you back into building Star Wars MOCs: welcome back! And what a return it is with such a nice creation!

When you look at it, the particular architecture or arrangement of the source scenery is not very interesting by itself, but you manage to make it look exciting by capturing the atmosphere perfectly. The buildings all look alike, but they feature some different techniques like the different ridges everywhere, which makes it a treat to look at. Also, for me, you strike the delicate balance between gritty texturing on one hand and readability and smoothness on the other. The ground has just enough studs to make it look textured, but not too much to make it into a bland base plate. What sells it is that the studs are in clusters rather than distributed evenly.

Besides the studs, the tiny gaps between the pieces (both in the ground and in the walls) give everything some more texture. I love the inclusion of the longer SNOTted plates in the base. I guess they are there purely for structural reasons because otherwise you would have gaps? Whatever the motivation, they give some extra lines that actually look a lot like lines created by the wind in the sand to me! Maybe that would even be more pronounced if you would use tiles and maybe misalign them in the vertical plane...

It's surprising to me that you made the entire ground on the same level, with no areas that stick out by a plate or two as we see in all other creations, and that it works so well to evoke just the right level of roughness (not ever place has huge pits and bumps after all!). That also carries over into the area right in front of the central gate, where the white floor has slowly been covered by sand. No enormous dunes, but just sand slowly crawling its way inside because nobody bothers to keep on sweeping. It really is a subtle kind of roughness... It's amazing how you can innovate landscape building with nothing but plates and tiles like that!

Awesome job as usual, markus! Look at me geeking out at how you built the sand :tongue: The only comment I have is that the action with the minifigs does not look every intense or dynamic to me. Of course there are limitations to what you can do with minifigs, but to me all the fallen minifigs just looks as if they are taking a nap... Maybe here you could use some small plates, tiles and slope to create some heaps of sand next to them as if they fell very violently or something like that. And maybe here and there a minifig ducking for cover, or in a more pronounced sprint pose, instead of casually walking closer by... That could maybe fill this fantastic scene of yours with even more excitement!


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