(MOC) Railtruck

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Not sure if you would call this a MOC or a MOD.

Once I saw the "hovertruck" set for Overwatch I realized it would make a great railtruck, similar to the single-unit box truck used on the old Rio Grande & Southern narrow gauge.

Overall the front cab is built like the Overwatch set, with the rear frame stretched to allow for the box.  The battery box and IR receiver are concealed within the box and all of the wiring is internal and not visible from the outside.

The image is a render from using the old 9v power truck, as that was the only one available, but a modern power truck will also fit.

i originally wanted to model the chain drive the RGS Galloping Goose used, but to have a working chain drive would require the medium sized gears, which meant the chain would hit the rails.

Lego Railtruck_4-wheel-lead_swivel_new_box_1024x768.jpg

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I was thinking "what a clean, compact model"... then I read you've squeezed full PF in there and not used a 9V motor, and I'm very impressed! I think this would look very fun trundling around any layout, good work.

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I love all rail trucks, being a great fan of the "Galloping Goose" series!!! This rail vehicle is amazing , and the curved shapes are giving a cool "vintage" sensation!!! 

Plus, it has all PF parts inside, this means that you can use any possible motor on it (a straight 9v or a PuP). Great great great MOC!!! :thumbup: :wub:


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