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Black Numenorean

[Moc] The pale Orc

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Moc: The pale Orc
Theme: Lord of the Ring
First moc of 2020
Orcs are race of creature designed by Tolkien in theses books: Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit.

In the Legendary of Tolkien, Morgot created them in the First age to serve him. There capitals in Middle earth were: Mount Gundabad, Gobelin Town, Barad Dur and Orthanc
About the creation, i would like to create the face of an Orc in the aim of showing that with lego, we can build what we want.
This is an exercise that will be repeated in the future in my gallery.

Don't hesitate to follow me in my Flickr and like the post, if you are enjoy it

49332958776_55b0df0471_z.jpgthe orc by Hugo, sur Flickr

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