[MOC] TIE-Lambda - new MKII version

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Note: this post has been edited to become a full story on its own, following some great feedback from BEAVeR.

TIE-Lambda MKII by Veynom, on Flickr


The TIE Lambda was a design from Sienar to cut costs, yet provide a vessel of similar quality to the standard TIE Fighter. It came about after the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor and the Empire was in disorder. Imperial Warlords through out the galaxy joined forces and created the NEO Empire.

With this new beginning, it was decided to create new more powerful fighters to reek havoc on the New Republic forces, the Lambda was the first to go into production, intended to replace the TIE Fighter, it has a stronger hull and is faster than it's predecessor. The Cockpit or pilot's compartment is fitted with flight computers, communications, and life support. Either side of the cockpit from first glance still have the wing braces from the original TIE designs, but these in fact are shield generators. With a single wing, it is a maneuverable and tough variant of the TIE, but the design is reported to be a little uncontrollable within an atmosphere. Weaponry for the Lambda consists of two chin laser cannons.

The first prototypes were delivered by Sienar and went through a thorough testing and approval programs under authority of Imperial Regulator BEAVeR.

49333111397_329c67544d.jpg 49332887696_f32d133b47.jpg
TIE-Lambda MKI by Veynom, on Flickr

TIE-Lambda MKI by Veynom, on Flickr

Following BEAVeR's detailed report revealing a few design flaws, Sienar provided several updates and improvements to the TIE-Lambda resulting in the release of a Mark II version by Sienar.

TIE-Lambda MKII by Veynom, on Flickr

TIE-Lambda MKII by Veynom, on Flickr


The MKII version is now awaiting production approval from the Imperial Regulator.

About this TIE-Lambda:

  • This TIE is not canon and seems to come from the fandom universe, like the TIE-Torpedo Bomber.
  • The 1st paragraph comes from
  • The MK2 version is storyfied based on the excellent feedback of BEAVeR.
  • I found the missing black straight technic connector for the wings on my TS-4 Tow Speeder MOC. I could replace it with a a different type of connector.
  • I could swap the 2 LBG technic connectors from the botto wings thanks to the Catwoman bike from my son. I did not hesitate for long.:vader:
  • The MKI cockpit was originally based on the cockpit of the officiel TIE-Fighter 75211 set. I had created the new wing and modified the ball cockpit to fix the new wing. However the MKII version is heavily modified with maybe only 20% of the original design. 
  • The resulting model is relatively sturdy with a limitation on the vertical axis where a single technic bar is used to link the cockpit to the wing and only friction keeps the wing attached to the cockpit when you take the TIE in your hand from the cockpit only. 
  • For the detailed list of differences, please refer to the below pictures:

TIE-Lambda Version Comparison by Veynom, on Flickr

I hope you enjoyed this model and the small story around it.

Edited by Veynom
Adding MK2 version and telling the story behind it.

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Nice but strange it looks like a damaged TIE fighter.

One TIE i would love to see built is a TIE Hunter or Phantom

Edited by macaron35

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This is also maybe the ugliest TIE variant ever designed.

Bold statement you made on Flickr, Veynom... there are some really crazy ones out there. And if you look at it upside down, it's really not that bad to me. Regardless of anyone's opinion on the source material though, I think we can all agree that your MOC is far from the ugliest TIE ever built! The model looks very nice on its own, and you manage to improve on the original design with your own touches I really like.

For one, I really like how you dealt with those shield generators. In the original design they indeed look a lot like snubbed wing pylons, but by giving them a distinct color and texture with those smooth cones, they really feel like something different in your model. This idea could even be reinforced by making the cones of the actual central pylon light grey instead of dark grey to increase the contrast and to group the colors more together to make for a clearer color scheme (bits of color strewn about tend to be less effective than larger patches for me, even in greyscale). I do really like that you used those cheese grater wedges in dark grey though: they look as a part of those shield generators that is exposed momentarily from the light grey coverings, suggesting a real integration of the components. Making the plates they sit on dark grey and maybe doing the same on the bottom with some inverted building could even reinforce this idea more.

As I said, the smooth texture of those cones stands out too, in a good way, because it is contrasted by a wealth of shapes right next to the cockpit. Awesome way to spice the TLG design up with a minimum of pieces! Using curved or wedge tiles on the top in front of the hatch could make that shape more interesting as well.

And then the wings: flawless execution! The technique with the 1xn bricks with tiles hinged around is classic by now, but you manage to integrate it very well. I dig that you also used the 1x2 plates with handle on the central wing base. Even though it is not really functional there, it closes a gap and more importantly makes the same pieces in the angled wings look like details meant to be there rather than a necessity we should just ignore. The use of the 1x4 bricks with groove is inspired and does something new with the wings as well! Great ideas and nice executions, but to me there are some small things that could make it look even more finished, and that is the color coordination of the Technic pieces you used. The connection looks well thought out, but those grey technic pieces in the middle of the angled wings really stick out and the nice grey lines on the center panel are disturbed by the angled connectors. Maybe you can hide the transitions underneath some panels with details? Maybe something with clicking hinges? And a smooth tile rather than the antistuds seen at the backside of the central panel would really make it look professional from all angles.

Once again I ended up writing way more about your TIE-Lambda than I intended at first, but your models always make me excited to talk, with the solid building you bring to all these modestly scaled models without relying on sometimes cheap NPU tricks to make it feel unique. If TLG would make some more sets based on the EU, I'm sure you would be the perfect man for the job! Now there's my bold statement for the day :wink:

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Nice build! The wings look very good however I'm not a big fan of the triangular pieces on the side though.

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Thank you all for the nice comment, and special thanks to @BEAVeR for the always detailed, positive, and constructive feedback.

I will be honest about the cones used for the shield generators: I did not do it on purpose. Instead, I used the few remaining cones I had left. The alternative would have been old grey 4x4x2 cones but then it would not fix perfectly with the wing pylons. Similarly, I had only 1 LGB cone left in my stock and I used it for the wing connection. Then I used two 4x2x3 half cone panels in DBG. Maybe I should apply some stickers to improve the texture a bit.

However, I purposely used the the 1x2 plates with handle on the central wing base to exactly fill in the gap. My first idea was to use a 1x2 plate with a cheese slope on the side to give a more angular effect, but I have not such a part in LBG. That's what I slapped plates with handles. :laugh:

You are absolutely right about the ugly LBG Technic connectors. Unfortunately, as I work with real bricks and my stock is not infinite, I had only 1 black connector left. Hiding them with panels ? Maybe, but it would create thickness. 

I will work a bit more on the top hatch and the wing rear plate to improve that and come back to yo with a 1.1 version in the coming days.

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Hi all,

The MK2 version is now available. Please read again the first post to see the differences.

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Subject: Review TIE-Lamba MK II
Report by: BEAVeR, Imperial Regulator
Report directed to: Veynom, Sienar project lead engineer
Following points of attention on the MK I have been adequately addressed on the MK II design:
- More aerodynamic shape, especially at the top, to improve stability on flying in atmosphere achieved by enlargin the entrance hatch. Added benefit to facilitate access to the cockpit with larger maintenance equipment.
- The exposed structural elements at the back in the MK I have been sealed under a cover to improve resistance to corrosive influences (known issue on bases located on Exogorth-infested asteroids).
- Sleeker color profile to look more intimidating in propaganda.
Accept the current design for an initial batch to be tested in the field. Expect more orders afterwards. Meanwhile, it is suggested to look into the continuing weakness of the connection between the cockpit and the wing assembly. Not as a bug to be solved, but as a feature as this would be a suitable place to install an ejection mechanism.


Off the record, Veynom, now it looks even better! I especially love how you managed to improve the shaping of the cockpit by braking away from the mould and making it into something unique. Not only does the new version look smoother, there's also an increased organic asymmetry (not left-right, but top-bottom and front-back). That really makes look like a more evolved, refined and modern version of the classic TIE of which all variants have a perfectly spherical cockpit. And it's a great match for the more alien-like silhouette of the craft as a whole. Maybe that's something to exaggerate even more if you ever plan on fully designing a TIE model of your own imagination...

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Great feedback and thanks for the memo, @BEAVeR. This one, I will save andkeep for my future photo book I intend to build after I reach 10 years of MOCs.

Speaking about my own TIE design .... well, I think I've been there already with my TIE-Viper:

TIE-Viper Specifications by Veynom, on Flickr

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