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Hi all! Recently I've been playing with my old Mindstorms NXT 1.0 that I got as a child, and as I now own a Mac, I had to update my software to the 2.0 version for compatibility. Unfortunately, I now want to help a young cousin follow the building and programming instructions for the 1.0 model, but my software now only has the 2.0 model's instructions. While I can find the building instructions online, I can't find the programming guide. Is there a way I can download the 1.0 instructions into the 2.0 software? Thanks

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I have found that the only way is to basically rewrite all of the XML and HTML code that relates to the building/programming instructions and manually transform all of the old building instructions images to the right image format one at a time. This was a process that took me nearly a week to accomplish. The resultant zip folder to be extracted directly to the C drive of Windows is just under 30 Mb. and will only work as-is if it was installed in the default location.

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