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[TC17] [WIP] "RazorTrack"

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I designed this platform a few months back, it never really suited any build, because it is a bit silly having 3 tracks, but for a mad max style vehicle however.. so i decided to rebuild it.



Why 3 tracks? because you can fit more motors.. because you get more power while steering... because you can lose a track and keep going...because it avoids the need for ground-clearance all together.. because it fits... and because it is Mad Max!

The tracks are a modular design with each an L-motor and a suspension system integrated. It will be controlled with a buwizz, running the outer tracks on the "tracked steer" module and running the middle track normally, but all off the same slider, this way the inner track will have the same speed as the fastest track, making it able to steer with more power. bit odd steering setup but it works pretty well.

The name RazorTrack is pretty self-explanatory, at least.. the plan is to use some bionicle stuff to make it "sharper". 

It will need a good bodywork now, something i am not that great at, esp. on this scale with limited mounting points, but I will try my best.

More later, Marx.


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