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[MOD]Douglas SBD Dauntless

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After watching the 2019 "Midway" movie, I tried to build a technic version of SBD Dauntless. 

I wanted this project to be a light and quick one, so I decided not to build the plane from scratch, instead, I wanted to mod from some exist MOCs. Then I found this master piece plane MOC on RB:

It's  @Nikolay's wonderful fighter bomber MK II, a beautiful fictional plane packed with tons of features.



This MOC has more than enough features I want to add to my SBD, so I removed some of them and adjusted the shape of the plane to make it look like a SBD of course, and here is the result:







Featurewise it has(left over from original):

Control surfaces controlled from cockpit:


Flaps (Unfortunately, it doesn't have any of the SBD's famous giant speed brakes)


Rudder, connected directly to the tail wheel


Other functions:

Retractable landing gear;

Wing folding mechanism, I know real SBD can't fold its wings, I keep this function to save space....

Rear machine gun

Central retractable bomb pylon

Sliding openable cockpit


Some details:

The olive green parts introduced by 42110 fits very well as the interior color here.



The white belly:



A closer look at the bomb:



For paintjob , I chose the SBD-5's typical paintjob instead of the SBD-3 which appears in the movie.

Some comparison with real SBDs:







In memory of the already dissembled prototype:



More pictures


Thanks for watching, hope you like it.

Many thanks again to the original MOC author: @Nikolay



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