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Westminster Palace

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Hi, all. I'm new on postain on this forum, so I posted the message/request below on the welcome section. However, I hardly got any response on it, so I will try it over here and I hope that this is the right place. If not, please excuse me for that.

I looked around on Eurobricks and I found the Westminster Palace creation by Paperballpark. I decided to build the Big Ben set that is offered by Lego and after that I build an add-on set (Speakers house). When they were finished I even more realised how impressive the whole Westminster Palace must look.

I decided to go a step further and I looked around if I could find more instructions/add-on set. However, I could not find any more sets and somehow I cannot send Paperballpark a message because I must have at least 10 posts. So, can tell any of you if there are more add-onns with instructions or can someone tell me how I can get in contact with Paperballpark?

I’m looking forward hearing from you. Kind regards


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