Powered up xl motor issue

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To whom it may concern. 

My one month old 4x4 extreme 42099 lost power at the rear wheels. I then took it apart to see if something might be stuck in the gears etc. No, everything mechanical including hubs were fine. 
Ran the rear powered up XL motor outside the truck and found that it made a grinding noise vibrating excessively and started to sieze when rotating anti-clockwise (truck moves forward) , but reverse works fine. 
What to do? Is there such an replacement motor available? Think the motor overheated because of resistance when not being able to make a climb etc. overload. Or just a bad motor? Why does the motor vibrate excessively and struggle to rotate ONLY anti-clockwise? Have anyone had this issue? 

Please advice.



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I would suggest contacting Lego customer support. Explain your test and issues, don't mention that you took it apart, and see what they offer as a solution. There's a good chance they'll send you a replacement motor. 

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looks like it has the same internal motor as the pf xl, if this is so then one of the hair thin brushes will be bent inside the motor itself

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