[GBC] Akiyuki Cup-to-Cup Type 1 v1.2 - Instructions.

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Finally got the instructions finished and you can find them here:

( The instructions PDF will take a few seconds before it starts downloading. Be patient, it will get there. No need to click it multiple times. )


There is a single set of instructions (PDF), but it comes in two versions. The main version, which uses less common pieces, which are more aesthetically pleasing. Then part lists for a version which uses more common pieces and colours.

I have included BSX part lists for both versions and BSX part lists which only contain the pieces needed to upgrade the previous version to this one.

The previous version, BSX part list etc. can be found here:

The instructions will allow you to create the Cup-to-Cup Type 1 module which you see in Akiyuki event videos from 2013 onwards.

I don't think I would have been able to do it without the additional photo provided by Akiyuki and obviously, it builds on the work done by @djm and @Blakbird

It is not a faithful copy of Akiyuki's module. The differences are:

I changed the hopper so balls won't get stuck behind the spiral lift.

I left the support used to get the balls from the lift to the first cup unchanged from the very first version. It works fine, so didn't see the need for a change.

The offramp has been redesigned to work with this version. Akiyuki dispensed with the offramp in 2013, using a separate module to do it. The original offramp doesn't work with this version. I tried to keep it similar. Feel free to rework it though.

There are some minor changes to the spiral lift to make it work better.

It has been good to get this done, as I never liked the motion of original design. Having the motor so far from the cup-to-cup mechanism meant that it wasn't as smooth as you might like. Which is why I think Akiyuki changed it.

It is called v1.2 since I class the original grey version as being v1.0 and the yellow version as being v1.1. v1.2 denotes the change in drive mechanism.

This has not been event tested. I would advise testing/modifying as required before using at an event over a prolonged period of time.

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Posted (edited)

I have updated the instructions as @Innocity spotted two mistakes in the instructions which were different to the photos of the module I took.

So you will need to download the new instructions:

BSX files etc. remain the same. Was just an issue with the instructions.

To help with timings, I have created another demo video, to show how it should be working. This is using what I suggest in the instructions.

All gears end their clockwise movement at the vertical position. It may not be identical to the Akiyuki version, but it works fine for me.

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Finished this build today. 


Thanks for the instructions @Ankoku 

Made small design changes.


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pic added

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My third rebuild of this GBC, thanks for the hard work creating updated instructions.

Shall be using the extended exit - not shown

49499456141_c207d313da_b.jpgCup 2 Cup V3 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr

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Yeah, I only included the adjusted off-ramp as that is what came with what most people would be converting.

The yellow bracing is a nice touch!

Let me know how you get on with it!

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