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[MOC] Christmas Train Transformer Robot/mech

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After a spark of inspiration last month, I immediately halted my project LEGO Astrotrain 
in favor of this one . And I vowed to complete and publish it before Xmas. 
So here I am.   Can you guess which component/carriage took up most of my building time? You'd be surprised!



One fun thing about building LEGO TF is the uncertainties and pleasant suprises along the way. 
I never intended this bot to have weapons  or turn into war machines,  but somehow... here's what mid-transformation ended up looking. 


Building the tree took up disproportionately longer time than the rest of the carriages and train, since the tree conceals the robot hand*. I think I revised the tree design for more than 4 times  before I settled down for this one:

*the hand is MORE than 2 studs wide no thanks to the protruding finger parts. This makes things much harder , than concealing a hand that's exactly 2 studs wide inside the tree.


Despite the size, the Robot mode is fairly articulated and poseable, thanks to the chunky train coaches as legs 


For more photos, as usual... check out my blog link here:

And if you got bout 16 minutes to spare....view a vid of this creation in my youtube channel too! You'll get to see how the transformation/merging goes.  Merry Christmas everyone !

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