The Ifs - Coding: it is child’s play!

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Last week we launched this project in which we have been working enthusiastically for 2 years.
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The Ifs is a new educational toy that teaches kids from 3 to 10 years old the basics of computer programming. It consists of a family of four robots in which each member has different superpowers.
The Ifs are full of sensors and actuators, but they need some instructions in order to function. Programming them is as simple as placing blocks on their heads with the help of magnets. No screens are involved. Tangible programming makes coding easy and accessible to children of a wide range of ages and abilities.
LINK removed...
Sorry for the "spam", but I thought it might be interesting for the forum members, I hope you like the project.


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You apologize for the spam, but still you do it. What part didn't you understand about self promoting? Apart from that, this is a LEGO community, not some general toy / education board. Thank you.

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