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More information about the contest can be found in the general discussion topic.


Please take a careful look at the rules before posting in this topic. Each participant is obliged to create a post in this entry topic. Posts need to follow the rules stated below. Posts not following the rules will be disqualified so please read them carefully.


The entry post in this topic needs to contain:

  • Entry name
  • One or more images (max 3).  You can have combined pictures (4 in 1) as long as the picture isn't bigger than 1024x1024.
  • Embedded video (mandatory)
  • Link to your discussion topic


This topic should be used for entries only, so commenting is prohibited. Please use the general discussion topic for...well, general discussion on the contest, and individual discussion topics to comment on the individual entries.

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1. Rebel Tow Truck

Driving: 2x XL PF motor 

Steering: 1x PF Servo

Fake engine: 1x PF M motor

Towing arm: manual, small actuator

Winch: manual, rachet mechanism 

Power and RC: BuWizz 







Discussion topic:


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2. Destruction Buggy & Trebuchet

To survive in this post-apocalyptic wasteland I decided to mount a huge shovel on top of my buggy that's capable of getting rid of everybody on my way. A secondary weapon is a trailer mounted trebuchet. The extra weight of the shovel as well as towing the trebuchet required some extra power, so the buggy was fit with a massive V8.


A small wheel on the back of the buggy allows you to play around with the shovel (see video).






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3. Zil The Peacemaker

This time Mad Max came to post-apocalyptic Russia. In the wilderness of Siberia, you can find gangs with universal vehicles that are good at rough terrain. These groups are involved in finding the remains of planes, rockets and helicopters shot down during the nuclear war. 

640x360.jpg 640x360.jpg



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4. FrankenBase

It has been years after the unspeakable and the survivers used whatever machinery they found to make a new start.

The last bit of civilization was rebuilt in a form of the mobile base nicknamed the FrankenBase due to the nature of it's design.

Frankenbase was assembled from the following leftovers:

  • Buckets and bogies from a pair of tracked loaders
  • Front frame, suspension and axles from a monster truck
  • Command bridge and helipad from a stranded ship
  • Crane and two containers were salvaged from a dried up port

The base also features three support vehicles, a quick buggy, a small bulldozer and a helicopter:







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The model has 10 RC functions: left and right tracks, front blade, tail rotor pivot lifting and rotation, main and tail rotors rotation, cutters rotation, wings folding, cutting height adjustment.



Video demonstration (including zombie army killing :)))

Discussion topic with detailed description: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/175464-tc17-reaper/

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7. Taxidermy


As the world descended into chaos a London Cabbie modified his trusty Austin FX4 Black Taxi. Adding a big flame spitting V6, heavy duty suspension, ramming spikes and a rear platform with a harpoon he set off to explore the wilderness


Tech Specs:

2 x XL PF motor driving the rear wheels

PF Servo motor steering

PF Rechargeable battery

Sbrick controller

Fake V6

Fully independent suspension 

Approx 1:13 scale

Stud.io model available



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8. Hell of a Barracuda


Functions PF:

1. On the move: 1 Buggy motor

2. Steering: Servo motor

Manual functions:

1. Winch combined with a harpoon

2. Lowering and raising the blade for braking

3. Tilt control of the blade






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9. Harshharvester

- steering and fake engine

- tow arm elevation and extension
- front attachment tilting, elevating
- front spike-drum rotation, powered from front wheels via on/off switch 
- button-actuated minelayer 




Hope to see you on the road. :devil:


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10. Destroyer 

Its is post apocalyptic version of my Scania XT 8x4 truck. Made from "scratch rusty parts" to survuive in this world
-Controlled by SBrikcs
-Drive (2x XL motors)
-Steering (Servo motor)
-Full suspensions
-working V12 motor (M motor)
-workin cannon with rotations
-tow truck arm with wrecking ball




Review and video about Scania XT 8x4 kipper mulda truck coming soon.

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11. Apocalypse Scrambler

"In this broken world where nobody should be trusted and gas has more value than life, my ride has to be a motorcycle."

Two-wheelers are a Mad Max classic. All episodes feature some, in a vast variety of style and purpose. Mine is a scout and interceptor, with enough punch to outrun anything on the road, and should that not be the case, the ability to escape off-road.

It features steering, side stand, full suspension with lengthened single swing arm, shaft transmission, compressed twin flat four fake engine and a mine layer device.
It equips a nitro tank, explosive and smoke grenades, a jerrycan, a luggage bag, a sniper rifle and a dashboard with speedometer and compass.




Downloads: digital file / instructions


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Classic Mad Max V8 Interceptor style, it's all black, got 2 doors, one seat and instead of fuel tanks there are solar panels and batteries for energy.




- 4x4
- Leaf spring suspension
- PF: 2L, Servo, IRv2, LiPo
- Opening doors, hood, tailgate
- Doors with locks and springs
- Removable body




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13. Halftracker

The world as we know it is destroyed. All that's left is the wastelands of a civilization that once thrived. But for us who have survived the fall of humanity, we need a vehicle that can bring us to safety - and help everyone else do so.

It is the Halftracker.


  • Driven tracks (2x PF L)
  • Steering (PF Servo)
  • Turret elevation (PF M)
  • Missile firing (PF M)
  • Turret rotation (PF M)
  • Suspended tracks
  • Oscillating front axle
  • V6 piston engine (PF M)
  • Opening doors
  • Removable bed







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14. Hard-Knock Life

A massive 6-wheeled monster of a truck... Hot-rod? ... Crane?! Either way, the wrecking ball is gonna hurt! This beast was designed to run over anything that crosses its path... Or just obliterate it with a thundering crash.


49353807602_85ed4b6223_c.jpg[TC17] Hard-Knock Life


Full RC functionality:

  • Drive: 2 L-motors, hard coupled under the cab, final gear ratio is 1:2.917.
  • Steering: One Servo-motor, under the fake engine.
  • Crane Rotation: One M-motor in the back of the crane.
  • Crane Lifting: One L-motor driving a large linear actuator.
  • Crane Extension: One M-motor on the top of the crane.

Other Functions:

  • Suspension: All axles suspended independently, with central articulation.
  • Wrecking Ball: Does this really need explanation...?
  • Fake V-12 Engine: Driven by the L-motors, has exquisite detailing.

Cool Stuff:

  • Exquisite Detailing!
  • Easy access to battery box
  • 3 axles! 6 wheels! 12 cylinders!
  • Complete interior, with fake steering wheel/seats
  • Complete bodywork and truck bed


49353091648_616e6653cd_c.jpg[TC17] Hard-Knock Life


49353576511_53db6033c7_c.jpg[TC17] Hard-Knock Life




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15. The Fishing Warrior

built for the progressive side of a post apocalyptic world where peoples can trade and live in harmony rather than battling pillaging and annihilating each other. small single piston engine for efficiency as fuel is in short supply. pedal power for when fuel runs out, switched from the lever near rider seat.

the winch can pull the fishing net in, or go out in the raft to catch deeper larger fish.

features include

  • suspension
  • steering
  • single piston engine
  • pedal power
  • rear tray with opening gate
  • winch - driven from pedal power or engine
  • fish drying nets that fold out
  • storage box
  • fishing rods
  • roof that comes off and used as a raft with seat and buoyancy floats, fishing rod holders, oar holders and lights.
  • oars 
  • swiveling lights                               








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16. Heavy Metal

I've been working on this for 2 months, and pretty much ran out of time (and IR receivers..). 
Please excuse the poor quality video. Something broke inside whilst filming and I was unable to show it driving.

-Piston engine
-Front mower
-Side arms with rotating blades. These arms come down, rotate, and a gearbox inside the cab allows drive to connect to the blades at the end of each arm
-Trailer has shutters which open and close
-2 mini guns come out either side, and rotate independently
-1 mini gun is operated by a scissor lift and also rotates

49578746432_5072f78951_k.jpgsgrpjogfjpoefpjoqefjpoqqef by john john, on Flickr

49578748672_e9718add83_k.jpgjpggfjfjfjfjf by john john, on Flickr

49578752832_5cfd95b9b6_k.jpgdfojsdkpoefwkpoefokpefko by john john, on Flickr




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17. Aardvark

So, roaming around the wasteland is dangerous, but sometimes you find treasures. This time it came in the form of an old army base, which had mostly been thoroughly looted with all the weapons and such long gone, but there was something that the previous looters didn't understand: an Aardvark Area Mine Clearing System vehicle. It's not fast and it's not armed, but it's heavily armored and equipped with a device to force through almost any kind of obstacle you can find in the wasteland: a mine flail. While it's originally meant for clearing minefields, it can also be used to plow through a fortifications and such, while the crew are protected inside the armored cabin from almost any weapon the marauders of the wasteland might carry.


- Flail spinning and height adjustment

- Drive with tracks

- Steering, with independent double wishbone suspension

Sorry for the poor quality video, it's the first I've ever made and I had very little time to film it.






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18. War Trike

This trike is rigged out to hunt wasteland convoys and war rigs on the roads!

In the Mad Max world where resources are scarce, hunting down other survivors is a great way to get by?.

This trike was retrofitted to force others to stop in every possible way!

There are 15 functions in total:
Driving, steering, missiles, harpoon turret turning, harpoon turret tilting, harpoon shooting, harpoon winch, harpoon winch neutral, grenades, ladder turret turning, ladder turret tilting, mounted shotguns, catapult, mines and tire spikes 







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19. Mad Nomad

Shortly before the apocalypse a fully electric concept vehicle was developed, which carried the name Rocky II. It was ready to be taken in production, but the apocalypse crossed out that ambition...

After the apocalypse, survivors found the remains of the Rocky II prototype. The batteries had turned useless because there were no charging points anymore, but an old 7.8L (478 cubic-inch) GMC V6 engine was installed to drive the vehicle and charge the batteries at the same time. Mad Nomad saw its first daylight...


  • Control+ controlled 4-wheel steering and rear wheel drive
  • 2 working guns operated from within the cabin under the hood
  • Fake V6 engine with working pistons and working valves

More images here.




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20. Double Trouble

Motorised gangs dominate the streets, murders and raid are common. In between are two brothers ...



Seven motors, six RC functions

  • full independent suspension
  • DOHC R4 fake engine
  • steering by Servo Motor
  • moving arms with steer
  • propelled by two hard coupled L motors
  • shifting 2 speed gearbox by M motor
  • turret elevation by M motor
  • turret rotation by M motor
  • gun shooting by L motor, four shots  each side
  • moving arms while shoot
  • easy to reload
  • openable doors and hood
  •  front double gun
  • easy accessible BB 



Link to the discussion topic:


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21. TTT - The Tracked Trike

Mr Obi's mighty machine gun tracked trike, or... TTT - The Tracked Trike!
A big machine gun is always useful in the Wastelands. And a mobile one even more!

This is a tracked trike with a big machine gun on top of it. The machine gun has 4 barrels that are moved forward and backward by an orange rotary selector.
As a bonus, the barrels also rotate themselfs doing a lot of noise :-)


RC Features (two PF IR Receivers):

  1. Driven by two L motors 4
  2.  speed @Didumos69 simple 4 speed based gearbox, modified to use a torsion bar for the 90 degree delimiter and an embbebed 4th to 1st blocking mechanism.
  3. Servo for speed change using a @charbel 90 degree stepper
  4. Servo for steering
  5. Secondary distribution gearbox, with 4 exits, commanded by the same shaft used to command the speed gearbox, driven by an M motor.
  6. 1st speed: Tracks enlarge for stability
  7. 2nd speed: tilting machine gun
  8. 3rd speed: rotating machine gun
  9. 4th speed: firing machine gun

Other functions:

  1. Tracks with a suspension
  2. Tracks always under tension, front sprockets shares shock absorbers with first boogy
  3. Foldable chair on the machine gun







And a video... (one day I'll learn how to edit them...).


And the discussion topic...







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22. Giga Twin


  • Independent suspension.
  • 2 V8 fake engines to power rear traction
  • 2 differentials
  • machineguns turn using torque from differentials
  • Turret turns aligned to steering
  • HoG steering
  • Crane
  • multiple guns and harpoon
  • miniguns angle is manually adjusted






Topic Here:


I hope you like it!



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23. Gator Mayhem

So, this is my hybrid creation, a fatal combination between an alligator and a trial truck. This one has been a very fun build for me, as I never attempted to build a vehicle inspired by the Mad Max movie series, although I always wanted to. 

Functions-wise, I think it's pretty packed, as I managed to squeeze in 6 motorized functions, a working V24 fake engine, working steering wheel and fully openable doors, so you can exit the truck in a flash.

Technical specs & functions:

- 4x4 Drive (XL motor)
- Steering (L motor)
- Open/close gator jaw (M motor)
- Swipe gator tail left/right (M motor)
- Rotating turret (M motor)
- Firing the turret (M motor)
- Turret capacity: 5 missiles
- controlled by: 2 BuWizz bricks
- a functional V24 fake engine
- working steering wheel
- openable doors
- Length: 72 cm
- Width: 30 cm
- Height: 30 cm
- Weight: 2.8 kg




Good luck y'all! :sweet:

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24. Law and Disorder

In my post apocalyptic world disorder will not be tolerated. The Police fight back. There is no room in the vehicles for prisoners so they are tied to the outside.


Hog steering and manual drive

Sliding side door

RC controlled side crane arm and winch

RC controlled roof mounted rotating gun

Escape hatch on roof

Front spiked ram

Rear doors and space to chain prisoners.





Video of RC functions


Thanks and good luck all.


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