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Hello, here is my last GBC module:
49222683288_4b70889352_c.jpgIMG_20191215_160937 by alex peraux, sur Flickr

Why two steps ? Well nothing to do with an internal combustion engine but simply a module that works in 2 times ...
It all started from an idea (not necessarily new) of a carriage lifting the balls. This cart would pick up balls from a basket, go up the slope and empty once at the top.
So I started with this part. To make a round trip to the cart there are several technical options (rack, string, chain ...) I opted for the chain. But I did not want a reversal of meaning at the bottom and at the top. The chain must rotate continuously. So I positioned the chain vertically and fixed a Liftarm on it, 2  axel and pin connector to offset the grip and here I am in the axis of the sprockets. This allows a time delay at both ends (the time the Liftarm goes around the spoket). In red the hook with the cart

49223428427_2585726c52_c.jpgIMG_20191215_171821 by alex peraux, sur Flickr

This done, I made the chassis to hold everything.
49222712458_cd3b07afe6_c.jpgIMG_20191208_190430 by alex peraux, sur Flickr
49223168671_2d1c4f7534_c.jpgIMG_20191215_161020 by alex peraux, sur Flickr

Then the second part loading the basket, a chain with Liftarm will do the trick very well. We place the top of the chain above the basket, a large input tray that can contain several tens of balls and rolls my chicken :cry_sad:( typically French expression ) Well almost, because what happens when the basket tilts and the loading chain is running? Well, the balls fall to the ground: :angry: the nightmare. So you have to stop the loading chain when the basket is emptied CQFD( another typically French expression ). This is where the brain is agitated and lays a magnificent removable coupling of a 24T on a worm gear ! The basket in normal position presses 3 liftarms positioned vertically, these liftarms in turn press on the end of a liftarm. This liftarm is attached to 3 studs at its other end and can rotate around this point. At the end an elastic band allows the assembly to remain in the high position when it is not pressed on it. So the basket at rest pressing on the liftarm drives the 24T on the worm gear. When the trolley lifts the basket to load the balls, it no longer presses so the 24T is no longer in contact with the worm gear. I lost you all :laugh:
2 small explanatory gif (which must be downloaded because flickr does not animate them):

49223167611_87b918054d_w.jpgaccouplement2 by alex peraux, sur Flickr
49223167731_de0024fd4e_w.jpgaccouplement1 by alex peraux, sur Flickr
or in video, the coupling / uncoupling of the 24T on the worm gear (sorry it moves a little)

For more photos see my album.


And 2 videos for the price of one :wink:

loading the trolley:


and the full video


feel free to comment !


Thanks for reading me


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Nice GBC module. I like the way you disconnect the drive to the 1st stage ball lift.

How do you stop the chain sagging ?

I also have been working on an inclined GBC ball lift but build is on hold at the moment due to building other GBC Train modules.
For the inclined lift I used the old Large Lego Chain links with the old cog gears and has a similar connection to the trolley as yours.
To stop the chain sagging and catching on the frames I had to add guide beams.


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47 minutes ago, higgins91 said:

here are some WIP picture of the chain guide. I have nothing to hold the chain over the entire length, it is just tight.

I also look at your GBC modules which are very interesting ;)

This is how I used the large Lego chain links and cog gears.

Drive was by M motor driving the top cog by 40T & 8T gear for 5:1 reduction.
Carriage with groove wheels runs on train track beams and is not directly connected to the chain, instead the Yellow / red / yellow connectors push the carriage up & gravity lowers it back down.

I think your way with a fixed connection would work better and will try it later, once I complete a twin bucket wheel train loader, waiting for parts to arrive.

Images of how incline ramp with chain constructed.

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