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Hi all,

with the new version V 3.0.0 of the Powered Up App it is now possible to access up to four hubs at the same time.

Here is my handheld, as receiving hub I choose a technic hub with a train motor for demonstration, but it might be any other hub or motor.


Turning the wheel (which has a 0-position and calibrates when starting the program) you can set the speed, with the switch you can set forward-stop-backwards

And that's inside:


This makes it very simple to control two hubs with one motor each, running in opposite direction, nice for trains.

It's only an approach, no final version, but it shows that there are new possibilities with the new software.

Please note that you always have to run the app and programm on a smart device, which might be a smartphone in your pocket.



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So how do I make it a controller for two hubs? I cannot seem to find a way to control multiple trains at the same time.

Is it by using the coding section? anyone has a guide/explnation?


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3 minutes ago, koraldon said:

Is it by using the coding section?


Yes, you can see a small part of the program on the tablet in pic 1.

It just reads the angle of the wheel an sets it as the motor speed. And with the new release of the app you can send this to up to three hubs.

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I played around with the coding section and it is cool, my kids seem to realliy like it :)

However, I find that in order to switch a hub, I have to do it manually. Even if there is A/B/C/D selection in the coding of the app, it only seems to respond to A. Do I need to rename my hubs or anything?

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A/B/C/D are the ports of a hub

To select a specifiic hub if more than one connected:

- Change the level of your program to "three blocks" (expert)

- select the withe tab (math and logic)

- use the first block left

- connect it to the motor and

- set left value to hub

- right number to port

(you see that in my first pic in the motor block in the upper right corner)


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