[MOC] Bookshop 10270 - Mini Modular

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This year I had the time to build the (digital) mini version much earlier than the last ones.
So this is my mini version of the 2020 Modular Building "10270 Bookshop".

Both houses are build on a 4x8 base plate, so you can split them like the original. 301 parts (birch version). Height fits other Lego mini modulars.
Stability of all parts was checked positive.

Bricklink with all parts (condition new) is approx. 40-45€.
There are a few parts, which are quite expensive like the plate 1x1 round in earth blue or the orange one with hole at the chimney.
I'm still optimizing the parts/cost usage.

The upper bookshop facade looks a little bit angular. First I tried to use the part 56619 (batman handcuffs), but this part is only available in black color. Also the variety of parts for the red roof is limited.
So I designed an alternative which is a near match to the original Modular, hopefully.

As the birch is an significant part of the bookshop, I've also made a version which includes the tree.

LDD/ files will follow as soon as I've build and check a version of real bricks.

Enjoy the preview:

640x640.jpg 640x640.jpg 640x640.jpg


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Final version. Made some small changes at the bookshop upper facade.

1280x1280.jpg 1280x1280.jpg  1280x1708.jpg


And the last 3 mini modulars together:





Happy xmas, happy building, enjoy!


LDD files (ATTANTION! Missing parts like bracket 1x1 upside/downside (36840/36841): 2.0 files with complete parts: 2.0 file complete minis (DD, CG, BS):

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