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After I created my Babylon 5 model last year (see here), I wanted to build Babylon 4 in the same scale. That turned out to be a little bit of a problem, as Babylon 4 is a lot bigger than 5. So it took me one and a half years, but here it is:



Some data about the model:
Parts: ~9400
Size: 100 x 60 x 60 cm (124 x 75 x 75 studs)
Weight: 8150g

You can also see some more pictures, including the progress I did while constructing the model here.

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But can it travel through time? :tongue:

In all seriousness, these are the epitome of awesomeness, as I loved to watch the Babylon 4 episodes on my parent's complete DVD collection when I was a kid. They always left me wanting to see more of this mysterious "other Babylon station". You just need a white 1 x 1 tile on the hull of the Babylon 4 station somewhere to represent the White Star when it was latched on to it.

Great work! Now you just need to build a mini-fig scale C&C that you can color change between the two! (as they did on the show, blue to green lights to save money on sets)

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Impressive work!  

I appreciate the same-scale comparison with the Babylon 5 model.  Zathras mentioned in one of the episodes that Babylon 4 was the biggest of the Babylon stations, but it was somewhat difficult to understand just how much bigger, since the 2 stations were never as far as I can recall ever in the same scene.  The rotating section on Babylon 4 is just enormous compared to is counterpart on Babylon 5.

I'd read somewhere that Babylon 4 had its own engine system and could relocate as needed.  This probably made it an ideal headquarters during the ancient war with the Shadows. 

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 Babylon 4 had 2 counter-rotating sections, the inner one that reached end-to-end, and the larger habitat section, with Zero-G docking facilities between the two (similar to the cargo 'spine' along the top of B5). The counter-rotating design was intended to allow the station to be located in open space, whereas Babylon 5, needing to be built on the cheap (and therefore, much smaller and simpler), only had the single rotating O'Neil cylinder, requiring it to be put in orbit of a planet to maintain stability.

I've got copies of the 3D assets from the show, including all the ships and stations. I should be able to import both into Blender and provide a comparison.

Edit: sorry. Heaps from the show, but no B4 for some reason :/

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Nope... Babylon 4 not in the resources I have.

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