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Mister Phes

[LEGO IDEAS] Davy Jones by Namirob

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Namirob has submitted this model of Davy Jones to LEGO Ideas and needs your support.

So please vote to make this idea a reality!


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Background information:


Already two and a half years ago I decided to create my favorite character Davy Jones from the movie series Pirates of the Caribbean. Because Davy Jones was not created with Lego bricks yet, I wanted to accept this challenge.                                                                                                                                       

First, I started with Davy Jones' head, and then I kept working down to the legs. I certainly created the face over 20 times, until I was happy with the final result. However, all other body parts had to be redesigned several times. The proportions, the color scheme and the many small details were also great challenges.                                                                                                                                                                      

All in all, I needed almost half a year for this model and I could not upload it to Lego Ideas, because the license was in the way. But now it is possible again and I am very happy to present you this model.

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