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1 hour ago, gotoAndLego said:

Just voted. I agree with the sentiment that there should be size restrictions for next year's contest; presenting an entire street or 7 foot tall/6 baseplate monster, while cool, isn't fair against something which is the scale of an official set. Might I suggest no more than 32x64 and only one building. I don't think it matters if its on a thicker base provided the technic 1x2s are where they should be on the actual ground surface of that base. For 2020 maybe pin a "Best of 2020" thread at the top of this forum and then it's up to everyone to post a photo and link of theirs in there.

For the own creators to decide whether their model is a modular or not? That doesn't sound unreasonable at all. I don't know how to pin topics though. I'll look into it. :classic: Thanks for voting!

6 hours ago, Giacinto Consiglio said:

Wow, thank you!!!

Let's see tomorrow, when votes will close :wink:

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The voting period has closed! What a last-minute turnaround!

Final stats:

  • 55 people have voted, leaving a total of 165 votes to the poll. :thumbup: :thumbup:


Without futher ado... the best modular MOC of 2019 posted on Eurobricks is....

Bricks & Blooms by @Bricked1980


With a total of 17 votes, being one of their choices by 30.9% of the voters.


Second place goes to the winner up until very few hours ago....

Clock Tower Square by @Giacinto Consiglio


With a total of 15 votes, being one of their choices by 27.3% of the voters.


Completing the podium, albeit at quite a distance from the top two entries....

Doughnut Shop by @ExeSandbox


With a total of 9 votes, being one of their choices by 16.4% of the voters.


Almost in the top 3 were...

4th: Modern Library by @lookl at 8 votes.

Sharing 5th: A French Police Station by @jalemac34 and Brick Town Police Station by @Bricked1980


See the full results here! 


Congratulations to the winners and thank you for participating!

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Well deserved winners!

But only 55 votes? That's honsetly a disappointment and it would have been way cooler if this had been promoted at least on the front page of EB by a moderator.

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Wow, thanks for hosting this! With so many amazing Modular creations this year, I'm surprised to be at 3rd place. :laugh:

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Wow! This is a nice surprise. Congrats to all the other winners as well and thanks to everyone who voted for my moc. Thanks @paupadros for organising this. :classic:

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