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Is the LEGO minifigure series made from ABS?

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I'm aware that the first two series of the minifigure series were made of a slightly cheaper plastic from China. This is because of the prints and new molds.

I haven't been able to find any detail on whether this has continued. Are the newest and latest minifigure series also not made from ABS? They are produced in China, right?


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I'm not sure to what you refer when saying ABS.

ABS is just the shortening for the overly long name Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

And that's just the type of plastic used to produce Lego pieces.

If you're asking because of variations in quality between bricks from various facilities, well that's just that: the ABS used in the Chinese factory seems to be a bit less awesome. But it is still ABS nonetheless.

From my subjective point of view I would say that the quality did increase over the years. Partially at least. Some colours are a bit off still and some joints are loose. But overall it became better.

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There are different types of ABS, depending on the composition and chain length. Manufacturing LEGO in China meant using Chinese sourced ABS which would have been slightly different from European and slightly different from North American, and so on. Plus the dyes would have had a different source. However, LEGO must have OK'd the quality of production.

Some of the earlier parts did look a bit translucent when held up to bright light.


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