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Professor Thaum

[SR - FB ] Time to get (re)started

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Kings Harbour, April 618, at dusk just beside the Royals Society of Natural Philosophy School.


Dr Thaum : You're sure you fully understand your mission Thomas ? Is it all absolutely clear ?

T.J. Johnson : Perfectly clear doctor ! Travel to Ulric, mission : if possible find the sealed coffin of Pr Sippio and take it back, if not possible get  the corpse, failing that, only the right arm AND a supposed red bottle .

All people having had a contact with the coffin or knowing about should be terminated. No witnesses

Dr Thaum : And if the red bottle is not here, you must find it and clean any witnesses too. If there is some plague/leper outbreak, forget the bottle, but the coffin is still a priority.

Turpin is in charge to take you back with your precious luggage toTortuga, just send him the gull.

T.J. Johnson : Don't be afraid Doctor, I'm fine. I survived your first test on insane diseases.


Nothing to judge/licence or comment here, just a catcher for the continuation of my old AMRCA.

for remind :



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On 11/22/2019 at 10:29 PM, Professor Thaum said:

for remind :


Ah I read it again and it sure was an amazing story. Would be great to see something like this again developed.

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