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The "Red Baron"

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I built the Red Baron, a recolor of the Ice Planet Blizzard Baron, inspired by Space: The Comic, a web comic that I discovered here on Eurobricks about 10 years ago.  The real Red Baron was a World War I flying ace, and a fictional nemesis of the cartoon character Snoopy, as memorialized in a song by the Royal Guardsmen.

Backstory:  The Red Baron is rumored to be a former M:Tron employee with ties to Blacktron, flying a spacecraft designed in part with plans stolen from Ice Planet.  Allegedly, this pilot used to fly the reliable old Vector Detector for M:Tron, but became frustrated with that ship's lack of acceleration and firepower relative to newer escort ship designs.  


Modifications (from front to rear): 2x forward cannons above where the skis would normally be located.  This doubles the firepower of the standard 2x beam emitters deployed on the front of the main engines.  "Nosecone" is a 4x4x2 black slope piece with side angles, to accomodate a larger forwards sensor array.  M:Tron/Blacktron II style avionics replace the Ice Planet computer tiles, and the wing vents are replaced by 2x1 plates with a 1x1 slope tile (representing supplementary targeting sensor pods). 


Aft: tucked under the port and starboard Modified Facet 3 x 3 x 2 Top Item No: 2463 are small booster engines to provide redundancy and greater acceleration than a standard Blizzard Baron.

Other notes: The ship lands on 3x Black Plate, Round 2 x 2 with Rounded Bottom (Boat Stud), which act as anti-gravity landing pads in place of trans-neon orange skis.  The "Baron" himself is a racecar driver minifigure, but with opaque blacktron visor, black arms, and black airtanks.  He now works as an independent private contractor for M:Tron, and provides escort for M:Tron cruisers as well as air cover for M:Tron mining and rescue operations.  

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