75055 MOD- Tile it up!

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I really loved 75055 when it came out. Good balance of play and display. But I hesitated to do anything further with it for a long while, and then when the UCS ISD was announced I wanted to wait for that.  But with the price and all the visible studs damping my enthusiasm for the UCS model, I decided to look again at 75055. So what bothers me about 75055? First, what’s up with the chunks of dark grey? That’s not right, and they need to go. Then, why did they use the wheel parts fo the big engines? Kinda lazy. It’s also too short. It needs to be extended in the back. The guns are cool, but why are they all the same- one of them should look different. And where is the reactor dome on the bottom?

Then more fundamentally, what if we could tile up this version?

Well here we go. Most of the modifications were used with parts I had sitting around, supplemented with 50 bucks of a ‘mixed light blue grey tile’ lot and the purchase of 3 half barrels for the engines.

Tiled top and bottom. Couple of sand blue tiles in there as a tribute to the Monarch. :) 

49076179051_a4f888466c_c.jpgISD-Front2 by Peter Foster, on Flickr

Small cheat on the front- that middle 1x4 centre bit is just sitting in place not connected. 

49076390217_a13a9689fe_c.jpgISD-Front by Peter Foster, on Flickr

Dome added to the bottom- was worried the extra back weight would make the stand fall over, but still seems to balance. 

49076179226_d24b82ecbe_c.jpgISD-Dome by Peter Foster, on Flickr

New gun design. 

49076179776_772efb188e_c.jpgISD-Guns by Peter Foster, on Flickr

Half barrel engines- way way better- and extending the back plates makes a real difference. 

49075654213_ac595b624d_c.jpgISD-Engines by Peter Foster, on Flickr

Built a little Tantive to go with this. 

49075655203_9cbbcbd75d_c.jpgIDS-back by Peter Foster, on Flickr

I think we are scr*wed!

49076180161_747b2f5519_c.jpgISD-Trouble by Peter Foster, on Flickr

So not saying this is a classic or anything, but amazing how much better it looks with just a few mods and some tiling. I think the top would look better with smaller tiles-more 1x2's 1x3's and 2x3's. And I would like to redo the whole set up of the engine bay. But for now, I think this is pretty good, and fits on the shelf. 


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Damn this looks good. The main reason I refrain from doing this on builds like this is that you get either ugly stepping on the wedgeplate parts, or you use wedge plates and then you have studs any way. You did a good job tho

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That looks a lot better! The only thing I would do now is to make the bottem not flat.

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4 hours ago, Reaper said:

That looks a lot better! The only thing I would do now is to make the bottem not flat.

That would be good, but the stand won’t work then- would have to come up with a new way to display it. I’d like to put in the docking bay as well but same problem. Maybe just a hollow square piece with black tiles inside to give the impression of a dark bay...

Looking at the various movie models, the bridge should maybe be a bit higher and more swept forward. Higher might be doable. 

Im pretty much out of tiles now. 

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