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Well overdue for a Delorean MOC, to make it stick out from the bunch I've packed some Technic into it as with all my builds. Full independant suspention with working steering.


The Doors open up the steering wheel works, all the fun stuff.


There is about 1 beam width of suspention travel


And a engine under the cover. 33% bigger than the real one, It might make it to 88mph now.


I'm quite proud of the front end, It's probably one of the most complex ive made. I remeber seeing the concept of a virtual Pivot steering,Sariel's I belive, and though it could be expanded on to include suspention, just never got around to trying it. So thanks Sariel.

48989343636_e6907553f3_c.jpg  48988787328_ff03163346_o.jpgUnderside Steering and suspention

there is a chanel on the underside runing the entire length of the car that would be perfect for a HOG steering shaft to come out under the rear bumper, I just can't figure out a way to connect it up to the steering gears without fauling the mechanism. If you have an idea on how to, I'd love to hear it.

I've now realised the poster is missing part of the car, The rear wheel should be between Marty's legs


By some amazing stroke of luck all of it can be build in LDD, just need to connect one 5beam to the 1.5 pin in the steering and to bend the hood down ~2degrees

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actualy put in the pictures

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A really cool model, and a perfect package of looks and function.

Have you considered using flared mudguard plates instead of the arch bricks? The arch dimensions are the same, but the flares could compensate for the angle at which that section is installed and cover the wheels just that tiny bit more, like here:

9 hours ago, That_LEGO_Guy said:


Mostly a theoretical question, as I'm fully aware that bricks that you want to use are often not the bricks you have.

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Very nice!  I think you need to get more slope to the hood if you can to really capture the DeLorean look, but you've also got a great set of features built into it, and there's no mistaking what car it is.  :classic:

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