[GBW] - Solo Operation - Bandaud - Hit Back

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Our satellite detail has confirmed what we believed.

We cannot wait for activity in the Brick of Nations and must strike.

Bandaud drops a team at Grid D3 on the map region near where we photographed earlier and destroyed the rebel outpost and supply line from Erotema into Alsarh.



PILOT: Hurry up !!! We have a small window until the next bombing.


VOIP: West clear ... 


TNT: North clear ...


BUCKY: South clear ...


GUS: enter the bunker ... with extreme caution. Collect all the info we can find.


JONES: Get your NVGs ready ... FIRE IN THE HOLE !!!







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Didn't realize I never posted your scores.....

Here is the breakdown for your Solo Campaign Scores and feed back:

Average for Build 1:  11 
This build could have used a little more than a few plates on a base plate. I did appreciate the detail in the guard tower up top and the small bunker / fighting position. One thing that kind of stood out to me was the lighting in taking your pictures. Try to get a more natural look in outsider lighting if possible. Not a bad start to the solo builds.

Average for Build 2:  13
The landscaping was a step up from the last build with the rock face/cliff. The ground itself seems a little bit random with the plates and things just scattered around. Could benefit from some plant life or different texturing styles. The big focus here is the truck, which looks great! Nice Job on that. my only compaint is I would have liked to have seen some more detailed shots of that at eye level, not top down. Keep up the work!

Average for Build 3:  13
The aircraft is just excellent here. Super detail all around with it and cleartly very thought out. It is clearly the shining star of the build. However, that is kind of where the detail stops. The rest of the build was more or less thrown together to just showcase the aircraft. Your first few pictures did nothing really other than show minifigs so I wasn't sure what I was looking at until the end. Still though, you did an excellent job on the bird. 

Total Overall Score: 12

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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