[BTSC] BotBS Tournament Soccer Cup 619

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The second half started with a kickoff for Ocean Eleven, and by my count all players made it back to the field.

Not for long, if they continue playing like this: the Sea Rat Smileys have taken possession of the ball again.



Now the ball is in the half of the Oleon team, but they are making life difficult for the Sea Rats offense.

This game is far from over, Jim. The Smileys are struggling to keep up the pressure from the first half, and the Eleven are much more focussed.



A shot of Wandy Smiley on the goal has effortlessly been deflected by „Rusty“, with Elliot Tishkoff taking control of the ball. Ocean Eleven is back into the game!



The team with the charming smiles has been pushed back for now, with Catton and Caldwell controlling the midfield.

Dandy is fruitlessly attacking, maybe slowed down by the thought of his yellow card.



A bad pass by Matt Caldwell goes outside the field on the right.

Dandy does the trow-in, with Brandy taking the ball for another possible attack by the Smileys.



I admire the fighting spirit of Ocean Eleven, they have recaptured the ball in midfield again!

Admiration aside, Jim. Time is starting to run out for them. Unless the Abbés prayers result in some major miracle, this isn't going to end well.

True that, Tiny. It is not over before it's over though.



Dandy seems to be dead set on ending it here and now. All caution thrown out the window, he's tackling Catton, taking the ball from him.

Fair play, Jim! The referee doesn't object.

Either way, Dandy and the ball are heading for the half of Ocean Eleven.



Suzie has fallen back to take over the ball, now charging towards the goal...

... and stopped by Tishkoff...

... who instantly loses the ball again to Landy. What a brawl!



A sprint from the right corner into the middle by Landy, a precise shot on the goal, and boom! The Smileys score for an impressive 4:0 lead!

This game is pretty much over. No chance at all for Ocean Eleven to recover in the last five minutes, they can as well give up now.



Is this stubborn or stupid? Don „Basher“ Tarr does not give up at all, storming the Smileys' half with a furious attack run.

I'm no psychologist, Jim. It could be both. Or maybe he is obsessed with ending the game with at least one goal for his team.

True that, Tiny. Despite losing both, each previous game Ocean Eleven at least has scored a goal every time.



The clock hits 90 minutes, and the referees whistleblow is heard – the game is over! In the last seconds we saw „Basher“ run into Randy Smiley in a way that forced the referees hand: a yellow card for Tarr, ending the game with zero goals but one more card for Ocean Eleven.

With this result we have seen the first team essentially drop out of the tournament. No matter how their fourth game goes, Ocean Eleven is out for sure.

True that, Tiny. Group A will be decided between Sea Rats Smileys and Weelond Regimentals, with the latter having two games to catch up and best the Sea Rats team.

I wonder what we see from Ocean Eleven their last game.

And I wonder if they'll make it to the field alive again, Tiny! Anyways, that's it for today folks, see you tomorrow. Or not, if you are a player of Ocean Eleven?







Ocean eleven suffer a crushing 0:4 defeat against Sea Rats Smileys, as well as getting a yellow card in attack.



Is that a thunderstorm forming over the Elevens cabin, Jim?




Edited by Darnok

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No trophy for me this year. :pir-sing: Probably for the best. Hosting a football tournament within a working prison wouldn't have been the easiest thing in the world...

Thanks @Darnok for the compelling commentary. Always a giggle!

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29 minutes ago, Ross Fisher said:

No trophy for me this year. :pir-sing: Probably for the best. Hosting a football tournament within a working prison wouldn't have been the easiest thing in the world...

I'm curious about the fate these players, the Canon Francois must be fuming since he's suffered 3 consecutive defeats in the last few days.:cannon:


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Welcome ye basterds, for tonights game of bloodshed and glory, here in the arena of dea... nowaitaminutethisisthewrongtext...

Anyways! Good evening everybody, we wish you a warm welcome to yet another match in the BTSC 619 here in Mesabi Landing. I am Jim Napier...

... and this is „Tiny“ McCoy, we are your commentators. After we saw the first team essentially drop out of the tournament yesterday, we have a similar situation in todays pairing. With two losses in two games, Quinnsville Cannonade has to win tonight.

True that, Tiny. Any other result means the team from Cocovia can not possibly move on after the first round.

Their opponents, the Rassilon Rascals, have won and lost one game each, and also need a win to keep their chances for the final reasonably high.

In other words: todays winner could stay in, but the loser is most certainly out.

Im no mathematician, Jim, but that's what the statistics say. Speaking of which, here are the teams player rosters:


Rassilon Rascals – A3 M3 D3

Quinnsville Cannonade – A4 M3 D5

  1. Felix „Bubba“ Cavaliere (Keeper)

  2. Eddie Brigati (D)

  3. Gene Cornish (D) [YC]

  4. Dino Danelli (D)

  5. Howard „Buzz“ Feiten (M) [YC]

  6. Robert Popwell (M)

  7. Ann Sutton (M)

  8. Moe „Li“ Holt (M)

  9. Miles Kane (A)

  10. Joe Edwards (A)

  11. Greg Mighall (A)

  12. Fung Swuay (Coach)

  1. John Pepper (Keeper)

  2. Alan Booth (D)

  3. Winston Gorman (D)

  4. Benedict Slumbercatch (D)

  5. Mory Danson (D)

  6. Titus Creed (M)

  7. Larry Opham (M)

  8. Cameron Royce (M)

  9. Arthur Peterson (A)

  10. Burge Hollis (A)

  11. Saul Richards (A)

  12. Thaddeus White (Coach)


I see two yellow cards among the Sea Rats names, another parallel to yesterday. Any bets,Tiny?

I'm no gambler, Jim. Let's see what surprises the game has to offer.

True that, Tiny. I see the teams moving onto the field, the game is about to start soon!

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Group B, Game 4: Rassilon Rascals vs. Quinnsville Cannonade


Kickoff goes to the Rassilon Rascals. A sharp whistle, and the ball is rolling again!



The Rassilonians go for an aggressive attack in the very first seconds of the game, with Dino Danelli from defense and Miles Kane from offense helping out in the midfield.

Indeed, Jim. Together they overpowered the Quinnsville Cannonades center, and are already in their backfield now.



Unbelievable play by the Sea Rats forward Joe Edwards! Moving straight through the Corrie offense, possibly fouling Winston Gorman in the process, he just now scored the fastest goal in the BTSC 619 so far.

A record very unlikely to be broken, Jim.


OOC: seriously, under the given system it is not possible to score sooner. And it is very unlikely to happen in the first place! :pir-oh:

True that, Tiny. The Rassilons Rascals lead 1:0 after only 98 seconds of game time! Though the referee seems to have turned a blind eye towards that action against Gorman.



There is visible confusion in the Corrish midfield now. Titus Creed and Cameron Royce are passing the ball to each other, it looks rather uninspired from above here.

I'm no psychologist, Jim, but I assume this came as quite a shock to the team and its fans. Those supporters in red and white are suddenly much quieter.

Maybe cheering on their team could help? For now the ball has been intercepted by Ann Sutton, so under the Rascals control.



From Sutton to Kane on the left forward, who in turn goes for a long flank to the right...

... where Edwards is completely open. Quinnsville can not let this happen!

Alan Booth on the right side is now approaching Edwards, and the Cannonades defense looks stable again.



Mory Danson had the ball back for a moment, but was rudely tackled by Kane and left lying on the grass.

The referee shows no sign of reaction, apparently it was fair play.

Who is the joker now, Tiny?

Never mind, we almost missed Kane scoring. 2:0 for the Rassilon Rascals!



Maybe this was the wakeup call Quinnsville Cannonade needed. From kickoff straight into their opponents penalty area. Their center forward Burge Hollis is leading the charge.



Saul Richards has taken the ball after a short pass from Hollis.

Now Gene Cornish is in his way, close to the Rascals right corner...

... Cornish has a yellow card already, and to me it looks like he does not want to risk another!

He is blocking a pass from Richards, the ball is behind the line – a corner for Quinnsville!

Hollis is taking the shot...

... for a wide flank into the middle. Is this? Yes, Arthur Peterson is rising up, taking it as a header...

... goal for Quinnsville Cannonade! With a score of 2:1 the game is rather close again.



Kickoff for the Rascals, and it looks like they are trying the same tactic as at the beginning of the match!



You were right, Jim. This time Edwards feigned a run through the middle though, instead passing the ball to Greg Mighall in a wide and high shot over the Cannonades defense. He just had to take and finish it.

Mighall scores, 3:1 for the Rascals.



Once more, the support from the ranks seems to be somewhat muted.

Well Jim, the team from Cocovia is not playing in a way that incites me to enthusiastic cheers either. It feels like they have slowed down for whatever reason, and the Rascals are taking advantage of it.

True that, Tiny. The Sea Rats have the ball again.



The game is slowing down overall. The Rassilon Rascals are moving forward, testing their opponents defense once more. We see nothing of those lightning fast strikes from mere minutes ago.

I'm no tactician, Jim, but it could be just that: tactics. We see a variied game from the Rassilonians, and it has given them a comfortable lead so far – with possibly more chances soon.



The first half is done, ending only seconds after Quinnsville Cannonade suffered another strike into their goal.

Keeper John Pepper did not stand a chance against a shot by Kane from short range, only ten metres away.

A strong result for any game, but leading 4:1 after the first half... these Rascals sure are not done yet.


Edited by Darnok

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Kickoff for the Quinnsville Cannonade opening the second half, and I just have to bring this up again now.

What is it, Jim?

Have you not seen Rascals Howard Feiten holding Cannonades Larry Opham a minute ago? He should know better, this minifig already has a yellow card!

You mean the „Buzz“ playing unfair again?

I mean the referee kindly looking another way just in time for the Rascals to take control of the ball!

Some strong words there, Jim. I can not disagree though. We'll keep an eye on it.

We'll sure do, Tiny!



The Corrish defense is holding this time, despite the Rascals' best attempts to break through.

Kane has the ball now, at the outer edge of the penalty area. Will he go through the middle or attempt another shot from a distance?



Another shot on Quinnsvilles goal at long range by Kane!

Not this time, Jim. Kane misses, so a goal kick for keeper Pepper.



Danson takes the ball near the middle line, but loses control of it while being attacked by Sutton.

The ball goes out of bounds!

Throw-in by Rassilon, for Kane in offense.



After some dribbling along the sideline Kane tries yet another shot at long range.

Tough to foul this way, but tough to score as well. He misses, for another goal kick by Pepper.



Quinnsville Cannonade takes the chance, passing through midfield almost unopposed.



Now Peterson is in a stand-off with Danelli...



... Richards to the rescue! Approaching both from behind, Peterson played the ball with his heel, for Richards to break through. Scoring for Quinnsville, it is now 2:4.

It might not feel like it to some, but with almost 20 minutes to go there is room for the game to swing either way.

True that, Tiny.



Not like this, not again! Kickoff for Rassilon, into the offense in minutes.



Kane scored once more, after a pass from Edwards who blatantly held defender Gorman. 5:2 with ten minutes to go. I think the Cannonade is done.

This seals the deal, and in more than one way. I had my doubts, but the way Edwards played in front of the goal can only be seen as a foul. The referee not acting accordingly is obvious.

Outrageous, Tiny! The fans agree, we hear loud booing all over the stadium.



Now those Corlanders develop a fighting spirit.

A bit late, Jim. Still, nice to see them not giving up, rushing towards the Rascals' goal.



Hollis makes it, hoping against hope! 5:3 now, with two more goals necessary for a draw. What do we say to the god of propability, Tiny?

Not today, Jim. Too little, too late.



Ha! With the game already in their pocket, the Rascals still attack, going for the Cannonades goal one last time. Rassilons Popwell takes down Quinnsvilles Royce, and at this point exactly nobody is surprised for the referee not interfering.



Weird enough to see such a game go into overtime, but here we are, with yet another goal for the Rassilon Rascals: 6:3.

Finally followed by the referees whistle.

And some loud booing from enraged fans in red and white.

Quinnsville lost today...

... as did fair play. I hope some higher officials will review this game and take actions accordingly.

Oh well, Jim. Nothing we can do about it.

True that, Tiny. Good night everybody, for a new game with a new referee tomorrow!





Damn, what a game! The Rassilon Rascals winning 6:3 is one thing, but five unfair actions and no referee reaction is just insane. The chances aren't astronomical (13% and a bit, more than 1 in 8 actually), but it just feels so wrong. The dice don't lie though, and it made for great story material! Poor Corlanders... :pir-cry_sad:



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What an abysmal performance... That referee is going to get a serious beating by any Cocovians in Mesabi Landing...

Great work on the writeup and GMing as usual Darnok.

Ticked I'm going 0-for-3 though...

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9 hours ago, LM71Blackbird said:

Ticked I'm going 0-for-3 though...

It's not a lot of games, and somebody has to lose - but I also feel your pain. To me it is like I'm sitting in the first line in every match, feeling with both teams for every roll. Playing with the Cannonade felt like a kick in the belows, multiple times. And the Rascals insane luck in the last game added insult to injury! :pir_laugh2:

1 hour ago, Ross Fisher said:

Join the club. What are the odds?

See above. Ocean Eleven also suffers from a massive strategic weakness. They had some terrible dice rolls against them though, nothing any of has could have done about it. :pir-sceptic:

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Sorry for another delay with commentaries: some parts of the family arrivd a day early, it got quite hectic today. While the games are all diced out for the preliminaries, I can't guarantee for any more commentaries on time. I'll try my best, and will at least provide the results with scores - inside of some spoiler tags, like that other time.


Concerning todays game of Weelond Regimentals vs. Sea Rats Smileys:


You are watching at your own risk!


You can not be surprised by the commentary anymore!


You really, really want to? One more click...


Weelond Regimentals win 5:2 against Sea Rats Smileys, who receive their third yellow card. The table in Group A is now tied between these two teams: both have 5 points and a +5 saldo, with Weelond winning in direct comparison. Group A will be decided in the last game (WR vs. OE on the 22nd).





If you want to comment on any of these results: please use spoiler tags yourself, to not ruin it for those who wish to wait for the commented results. Thank you!

Edited by Darnok

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Remind me to send those referees some DBs!

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Good evening everybody, to another game of the BTSC 619 here in Mesabi Landing. I am Jim Napier, and with me is „Tiny“ McCoy, we will be your commentators. I had a rather rough night Tiny, how about you?

Same here, Jim. Apparently the fans of Quinnsville Cannonade felt the need to vent their anger about yesterdays result. Honouring their teams name by using its namesake in... aggressive negotiations with the local authorities.

Some of the rioting mobs were only disbanded earlier today, and we can see parts of the Sunken District just south of the stadium still burning tonight. Brawls in the open streets, liberal use of explosives, misconduct including the abuse of at least three horses...

From what I hear, a company of WTC Marines had a great time during all of it.

That's what they usually call „Tuesday“, Tiny.

Back to the game, Jim?

By my guest, Tiny. Tonights match might decide the winner of Group A already, with both teams having won one game and played a draw against each other.

The Smileys have one additional game under their belt, and scored a lot of goals due to teir excellent offense. The Regimentals have yet another game after this one though, so unless thigns go really badly for them, they have another chance the day after tomorrow.

True that, Tiny. Let's have a look at both team rosters:


Weelond Regimentals – A3 M5 D4

Sea Rats Smileys – A5 M3 D2

  1. Cuju Tsu-Chu (Keeper)

  2. Luis Fernandez (D)

  3. Robino „Nino“ Grijszon (D)

  4. „Pegleg“ Pedro Piccio (D)

  5. Raul Baracca (M)

  6. Alberto Verde (M)

  7. Gijs Reyngout (M)

  8. Victor Rey (M)

  9. Fangio (just Fangio) (A)

  10. Jan Slegers (A)

  11. Mauricio Montoya (A)

  12. Patch Verlander (Coach)

  1. Handy Smiley (Keeper)

  2. Randy Smiley (D)

  3. Mandy Smiley (D)

  4. Dandy Smiley (M) [YC]

  5. Zandy Smiley (M)

  6. Brandy Smiley (M)

  7. Landy Smiley (A)

  8. Wandy Smiley (A)

  9. Candy Smiley (A)

  10. Frandy Smiley (A) [YC]

  11. Suzie Smiley (A)

  12. Captain O'Smiley (Coach)


I see two yellow cards among the Smileys, which could influence their tactics for today. Both of these come from the first game against the Regimentals – some hard feelings on their side perhaps, Tiny?

I'm no psychologist, Jim. Both teams are moving onto the field as we speak, and I see Coach Verlander give his midfielders some last instructions on the sideline.

Maybe he suggests kicking the Smileys like a pineapple? We will find out shortly, for the game is about to start!

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Group A, Game 5: Weelond Regimentals vs. Sea Rats Smileys


As alwas, a coin toss decided the team getting the first kickoff. This time, Weelond Regimentals will get it. And the ball is rolling!



Weelonds Paul Baracca took the kickoff, passed to Victor Rey, who in turn was tackled by Brandy Smiley. A very early ball loss for the Regimentals!



Suzie Smiley approaching the Regimentals goal, going for an early goal again! Keeper Cuju Tsu-Chu is deflecting the ball, but Candy Smiley gets it before Luis Fernandez can secure it for Weelond. The Smileys offensive is still ongoing!



A second shot at the goal by Suzie around the seven minute mark, this time held firm by Tsu-Chu. Passing to Fernandez, the Regimentals start to build their game from behind.



Rey and Baracca are rushing through the Smileys midfield as if it were not there at all.



Now Randy Smiley was able to stop Weelonds rush, but the ball is dangerously close to the goal. Keeper Handy Smiley should be worried, but it is hard to interpret that smile of him.



The game is heating up, Jim. With Fangio approaching the Smileys goal and breaking through after a rather rude play against defender Randy, Mandy Smiley saw no other chance than foul play to stop him. The referee is having nonw of this, handing out a yellow card to Mandy!

We also get a penalty kick for Weelond.

Jan Slegers is putting the ball on the spot...

... and no chance for Handy! Slegers makes it, 1:0 for Weelond!



The Smileys waste no time and go for a counter charge right after kickoff. Zandy Smiley dodging all attempts by Reyngout and Rey to take the ball off her, now passing it off to Landy in offense.



Well played, Smileys! Suzie making it through Weelonds defense without her infamous headbutts, but with expert ball-handling instead. Finishing it off with a beautiful shot from the corner of the penalty area, giving the ball a spin that keeper Tsu-Chu could not handle.

1:1, the game is completely open again.



Running up the right sideline after kickoff, Alberto Verde gets the ball off bounds.

Throw-in for the Sea Rats, with Zandy taking the ball back in the opposite direction again.



Verde making up for his previous mistakes, intercepting a slow pass from Zandy to Brandy! The Regimentals are on the charge again!

Fangio is open in a forward position, demanding the ball.



Fangio has the ball in the Smileys' penalty area, but is hard pressed by Mandy and Randy.



Fangio can keep on to the ball, and scores! The first regular goal for the Regimentals in this match, Weelond now leads 2:1.

Kickoff for the Sea Rats, with hardly enough time left in this half to score again. Can they make it nonetheless?



If the Sea Rats fans had hoped for an even score before the break, they were now disappointed. Gijs Reyngout takes the ball for Weelond, passing on to Rey and thus holding the ball in the Regimentals' lines.



Fangio shows up in front of the Smileys' goal again, but the referees whistle sends both teams into the break. We see pretty aggressive from both sides, but the result is more or less even for now, with Weelond leading by a single goal only.

With a third yellow card the Smileys will have to be more than careful during the second half. Any more fould will send one of theirs to the bench.

True that, Tiny. We will find out how the game develops in a few minutes!

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Kickoff for the team with everybodies favourite head. I guess they will play it safe now and rely on their strong offense to get in the lead again.



Dandy Smiley with the ball blocked by Baracca near the left sideline, seems to take no risk anymore. I guess the mind games over his yellow card are slowing him down. Rey helping out for Weelond takes the ball off him.



Mauricio Montoya, assisted by Slegers, is taking it to the Smileys' goal in some beautiful double pass play.



Slegers finishes it off, taking Weelond to a comfortable 3:1 lead.

The Smileys can not afford to play it safe, they have to take risks now.



Some skirmish in the midfield between Brandy and Baracca...

... to me it looks like Baracca is holding Brandy, Jim.

The referee didn't notice, Tiny. Baracca takes the ball, th Regimentals are on the offense once more.



Montoya takes it down the right sideline, Mandy only being able to block the ball off bounds.

Throw-in for Weelond, Montoya with a long throw to Legers.



Legers passing to Fangio among a somewhat stunned Smiley defense, and Fangio strikes again!

4:1 for the Weelond Regimentals, who are clearly dominating the game in the last minutes!



The Smileys have not given up, going at the Regimentals full steam ahead.

I'm no engineer, Jim, but I think the steam engine is still not invented yet.

Anyways, the ball is in Weelonds penalty area!



With a proverbial headbutt Suzie Smiley smashes through Weelonds defense, scoring with a literal headbutt...

... even if only to the ball, Jim! The Smiley shorten the score to 4:2. If they play it right, there is enough time left to turn this around in their favour. But remember: a draw might not be enough, they have to win this to be safe!



The Regimentals don't let loose of the game. Not as fast as the last few times, but steadily moving towards their opponents goal, they are apparently not content with saving their lead over time.



Weelonds strategy pays off. Legers can score again, putting the ball behind Handy for the fifth time today.

This is it, Tiny. Weelond has this one in the bag. The question is no longer who will win the match, only with what exact score.



The Regimentals are still pushing, incredible play in the midfield!



Five minutes of overtime, and the ball in front of the Smileys' goal again, but the game is over.

5:2 for the Weelond Regimentals, an absoutely crushing defeat for the Sea Rats Smileys in their last game of the preliminaries.

Not their last game of the tournament, Tiny?

Hard to tell, Jim. The table is even in the two top spots: five point each, with an equal plus five saldo, currently Weelond only has the upper hand in direct comparison because of todays win.

If I get this right, the Smileys could still come out ahead?

True that, Jim. If Weelond loses their last game, the saldo will favour the Sea Rats. Any other result, and Weelond wins out.

Exciting for sure, Tiny! Watch this place for the upcoming results! We are Jim Napier and „Tiny“ McCoy, have a good evening and see you all tomorrow!





Weelond Regimentals win 5:2 against Sea Rats Smileys, who receive their third yellow card. The table in Group A is now tied between these two teams: both have 5 points and a +5 saldo, with Weelond winning in direct comparison. Group A will be decided in the last game (WR vs. OE on the 22nd).



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So, commentaries might follow later, but not for tonight. This is Team E vs. Quinnsville Cannonade in Group B. Check the result behind a bunch of spoilers at your own risk:


So once more, you really want to know early?


You are a bad person, and you know it! :pir_tong2:


Final chance to walk back, next is the result.


Team E loses 0:1 to Quinnsville Cannonade - for who playing unfair payed off!






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Last game in Group A, Weelond Regimentals vs. Ocean Eleven:


You know the drill...


3... 2... 1...


... 0... !


Weelond Regimentals 2:2 Ocean Eleven. No goals in the first half, lots of action in the second half. Good game!






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In the last game of Group B, and tus also the last game of the preliminaries, we had the match of Team E vs. Rassilon Rascals:


I promise, the final will be done properly again!


Not entirely sure when, 27th or 28th I think...


For now though, tonights results:


In an absolutely action-packed game, Team E wins 5:4, and the Rassilon Rascals receive the first red card of the tournament.






Concerning the final:


Only one extra layer this time, so tread with care now...


Winner of Group A: Weelond Regimentals

Winner of Group B: Team E

-> Final: Weelond Regimentals vs. Team E



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One last look on the tables:


Group A

Yellow Cards: Ocean Eleven, D: Yen (1st game, 10''), A: Tarr (3rd game, 90''); Sea Rats Smileys, M: Dandy S., A: Frandy S. (2nd game, 16'' and 28''), D: Mandy S. (4th game, 18'')

Red Cards: -



Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Points (Saldo)

Sea Rats Smileys [5|3|2]

5 : 1




5 (+5)

Ocean Eleven [3|2|5]

1 : 5




1 (-10)

Weelond Regimentals [3|5|4]





6 (+5)


Group B

Yellow Cards: Rassilon Rascals, D: Cornish (1st game, 19''; 3rd game, 77''), M: Feiten (2nd game, 5'')

Red Cards: Rassilon Rascals, D: Cornish (3rd game, 77'')



Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Points (Saldo)

Quinnsville Cannonade [4|3|5]





2 (-5)

Rassilon Rascals [3|3|3]





4 (-1)

Team E [2|5|4]





6 (+6)



The BTSC 619 will be decided between Weelond Regimentals and Team E. The final will be played on the evening of the 30th of the twelfth month of 619, i.e. tomorrow.

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Drats, missed the finals by one point.    Best of luck to Weelond Regimentals and Team E.  May the fairest (or unfairest) team win.   :pir_laugh2:



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Happy to have made it to 2nd place in my bracket. Well done to the finalists!

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