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Professor Thaum

[SR - FB 1 Nov 619] Botanical Garden

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King's Harbour, just outside the Royal Society School.


Dr Thaum : Gentlemen, I promised a garden for the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy School, one year ago when I was introduced... It is now done !

Let me introduce yourselves, Mr Havershaw : my gardener.


Dr Thaum : I will emphasize here, plants with particular medical properties. So you can see the well-known purple loosestrife, a pepper plant from Gunpowder Island,

equisetum and some lavender. This banana tree in the corner albeit looking as a common one comes from Gunpowder Island too, so it will be investigated here and remain under Mr Havershaw survey.


Dr Thaum : You probably recognize a Loti mahogany at my left and just behind me a Molokei maple. And now, that this garden is complete

you may find just behind yourselves, 3 very uncommon species, and almost unique scientific specimen...


Dr Thaum : An Hungarius Uncontrolibus Drosera, and two unique specimen : an Antheric brush and an Utricularia Tentaculata Giga.

I received seeds from those two unique ones by my mentor and haven't find any other  ones in the world.


Dr Thaum : That's awesome, Mr Havershaw, you did a great work, Rosetta and Cutty Shark seem on form !!

and that Antheric brush become well acclimatized.


Havershaw : Indeed ! The antheric is on form, even starts to produce some berry, as Rosetta. And Cutty Shark is very friendly, I think it likes me.

Cutty Shark : Puuuurrrrr ! Puuuurrr !!

Dr Thaum : Those berries are treasures, so I insist that they must be carefully harvested, without arming the plants. No one should be allowed to do that except you.

Havershaw : No problem, Doctor, I think that Cutty Shark and Rosetta will prevent any theft of berry...


C&C welcome, this garden will be licensed as a medium educational by the RSNP @Ayrlego @Bregir

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Great build, Thaum! There are so many unique methods you used here, it's spectacular! The variety of plants is very striking, and you did a wonderful job to make each unique. The Utricularia Tentaculata Giga will surely haunt my dreams, but you definitely did a fantastic job with it.

Once again, great build! So many details and a fun read too. Kudos to you! :grin:



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