[MOC] ZELDA Majora's Mask Clock Tower

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I'm a huge fan of The Legend of ZELDA.

After the Temple of Time from Ocarina ot Time (see my last post) i also built the Clock Tower from Majora's Mask.







To stay as true to the game as possible i included two functions:

  • The clock is connected to the gears on the side as well as the tip of the tower with a mechanism that can be activated by turning a knob in the back of the tower to make the clock "tick". You can find a video demonstration here (unfortunately I couldn't figure out a way to embed it properly).
  • The clock can be lifted up and tipped over for the final showdown on top of the tower against horror kid - see video here.

As an additional tiny detail I included the owl statue next to the tower that functions as a save point/warp point in the game.


My next project will be the Tower of the Gods from The Wind Waker. If you are interested in how it will turn out, you can follow me on Flickr.

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