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2. train fan weekend next to Leipzig, Germany

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 Hi train fans,

I want to show you our planning for our next train fan weekend, called BAUSPIELBAHN-TREFFEN ( in Schkeuditz, next to Leipzig, Germany ).



Here you can take a look to our review of our last BAUSPIELBAHN-TREFFEN in june 2019 (it's available only in german, but the pictures will show a lot, I guess) or there there are two videos from banenenbuurman about our event on youtube:  




Next year we want to do this a second time:


The main goal is also to organize a huge collaboration train layout. So we aks for some interested people, if they want to join. There also will be a place for standalone train layouts. 

To build the collaborative train layout we search interested LEGO train fans, who want to join us.

If you...

... want to meet other lego train fans

... have a modular piece of landscape (with train tracks of course)

... have some nice (realistic) rolling stock or buildings suitable for trains

... come around and write us a mail to [image]when you're interested in.

The place for our event is an old tram shed in Schkeuditz - it's next to the Leipzig airport and it’s easily accessible via the Autobahn A9 and A14. 

If you want, there's possible to come with a camping trailer oder with your tent - or we can show you some nice guesthouses.

It's not important, if you built in a system (like MILS or other) or not,  if you have tracks with or without metal, how large your landscape is. We need a lot of diffentent landscape-parts and buildings and other stuff. After registration of all interested persons we will plan an nice and functional train layout. 

It will also be a networking area for train fans. 


See you next year?

Michael / MTM






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