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REVIEW: 76144 Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue

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Here is my review on 76144 Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue. Our local retailers have started putting this on shelves.


  • Rescue minifigure, this is one excellent minifigure.
  • Exclusive hulk although this version only made a very brief appearance in the movie.
  • Stark Gauntlet!
  • Very interesting way to build the helicopter compared to other typical Lego Choppers. 


  • Way too overpriced.
  • The other minifigures are not that interesting. I wish they included scarlet witch instead of Black Widow.
  • Leviathan larvae =(
  • The helicopter doesn't look like a helicopter and the propeller doesn't spin smoothly.
  • Not really representing any scenes in the actual movie.

Overall, this is a very overpriced set.  I bought it purely because I wanted the Rescue minifigure and the stark gauntlet and I was able to get this with 20% off.  Having said that, the Resuce minifigure is excellent.  The build of the helicopter is surprisingly refreshing even though it doesn't look like a helicopter.  Other components in the set to me are just there to justify the price.  I will only recommend to collector of MCU version of lego minifigures and only if you can get a discount. 

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18 hours ago, Classic_Spaceman said:

Does the instruction-booklet have pictures of the other 2020 Marvel sets? 

Nope it only shows other Endgame sets that have been released.

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