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Mister Phes

[LEGO IDEAS] Soldier Imperial Golden Fort by Master0889

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So the following is purely my own opinion based on my personal taste.

So I will start with what I don't like.

When unfolded the set doesn't flow very well ... Meaning in my eye it looks more like four separate buildings than "one fort" 

The ship ... While a clever use of the row boats I would have rather seen a ship similar to the Imperial Trading Post in size and construction.

Honestly  it's easy to get a nice little ship this size ... This is Sebeus's design take on the very ship I mention.

The fact you have included a great crane design but neglected to add a dock to tie the ship to be loaded

The fact that threres no cannon nor stud shooters to be seen...

Saying that here's what I do like...

The crane ... Cleverly hidden mechanism keeping it appearing simple

The fact that you can fold the fort up

Playability ... Everywhere everywhere I look.

The fact you include a galley!

The very classic set feel.

All in all it us a fitting playable set and I wish you the best of luck!


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