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I present you my last module, a GBB with bucket.
The original idea was to use 1
Circle Gear Rack which would turn "all alone" on which would be fixed a bucket to pick up the balls.
The first roll was a failure, I used 8 gears at 45 ° (4x 12T and 4x 16T) to advance the
Gear Rack, but the sync of the teeth was too strict for the lot of play of the whole set . There was either a crack or a Circle Gear Rack lock on the gears.
So I had the revelation: :laugh: put in the back of the module, a complete circle that synchronizes the teeth of all gears in front!
I then had a stability problem with only 1
Gear Rack, the guide length was not enough, so I put 2 and the result was much better.
At the mechanical level an XL motor rotates an axis on which is fixed a 16T and the 16T directly drives the back circle. And the back circle drives the other 3 axes equipped with 16T. At 45 ° there are 4 axes that are only for guidance.
The exit is on the right rear, it can be brought to the front by continuing the guidance via panels.

48996861416_26c118c9a8_b.jpgIMG_20191101_112340 by alex peraux, sur Flickr

48997063702_376d60ea77_c.jpgIMG_20191101_112349 by alex peraux, sur Flickr

48997063612_d6336f94a6_c.jpgIMG_20191101_112356_1 by alex peraux, sur Flickr

48997063537_643847cd6b_c.jpgIMG_20191101_112408 by alex peraux, sur Flickr

48996317838_e2d862aa6d_c.jpgIMG_20191101_114023 by alex peraux, sur Flickr

and a vidéo:


Feel free to comment !

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Very cool idea and smart solutions as well! I absolutely love the decision to only have 2 of the banana gear pieces for a half-circle instead of a full circle. It makes it appear snake-like and even as though it sort of floats. Only suggestions might be to try an all-glass (clear plastic) front so there are no frames interrupting the view and unless you are worried about the balls betting stuck, you could have the balls directly enter the pit instead of coming from the platform on the front side. It also looks a bit bulky, but not too bad. Really good work and a really strong idea! Keep it up!

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Thank you for your answer, for the transparent front I thought about it too but I do not have the parts. I will see for a next order!

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