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Hi everyone! I am Angle, a new member from Macau.

I'd like to share my latest MOC - the modular building version of 221B Baker Street from Sherlock (BBC).


This model is inspired by Sherlock - a BBC drama TV series based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous Sherlock Holmes detective stories. The building exterior is based on the combination of North Gower Street, which is “Baker Street” in the drama and the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London. The interior is decorated with completed furniture to recreate scenes in the drama. In order to increase playability, the model is hinged in a few places. You can either separate it level by level liked any other modular buildings, or just separate it in the middle liked a dollhouse. The model is constructed on a 32 X 32 baseplate. No stickers is applied. 

49017012813_52aa613fa7_c.jpg  49017013483_4b9c310b8c_c.jpg


Ground Floor : Speedy’s Sandwich Bar & Cafe, The entrance & corridor of 221B, Mrs Hudson’s kitchen

49017536891_fa948c592f_o.png  49017738857_3a25a00a43_c.jpg

The counter and dining area is based on photos of Speedy’s sandwich bar & cafe I searched from the internet. The toilet, kitchen and storage room are all by my imagination.



According to the floor plan I got from the internet, Mrs Hudson’s apartment should be on the ground floor just behind the cafe. However, in order to place the whole building onto a 32 X 32 base plate, I kept the kitchen on this floor but had to move her apartment to the second floor .



First Floor : John & Sherlock’s living room, kitchen, Sherlock’s bathroom & bedroom

49017020758_3cec8fd538_o.png  49017021518_568d45215d_c.jpg

This floor is mostly based on the amazing 360° google map of the 221B interior setting in the drama. Sherlock‘s bedroom was moved from the back to the right-front, for the same reason of Mrs Hudson’s apartment. Some easter eggs such as sherlock’s experiment material(s), the yellow spray paint and the persian slipper are hidden in this messy scene.






Second Floor : John ’s bedroom & toilet, Mrs Hudson’s living room & bathroom

49017793962_7b439993f2_o.png  49017594116_e88266b66f_c.jpg

Unfortunately, John’s bedroom and Mrs Hudson’s apartment were always behind the scene, so this floor is completely based on my imagination. John and Mrs Hudson can access to their own private space through separated door-gates. Mrs Hudson’s bedroom is mainly decorated in light purple. (According to the clothes and accessories she wears in the drama, I guess she is a fan of this colour.) Although no kitchen is at this floor, there is an electric stove for her to make tea.






Roof : Mrs Hudson’s roof garden

49017618211_1d4c2cb4f0.jpg  49017820137_889883a377.jpg

I made a small garden for Mrs Hudson to plant her flowers and vegetables. I am pretty sure Sherlock will frequently "help fertilizing" them after finishing his experiments.



49017097448_e58f6c49d2.jpg  49017619281_8b5b21b1ca_o.jpg  49017820232_09925aba2e_o.jpg

At this moment I only finished 4 minifigures :Sherlock, John, Mrs Hudson and Mycroft. All minifigures are created from official minifigure parts. Other characters will be completed at the following updates.



I've submitted this model as a LEGO IDEA project. To everyone who likes this model, I would be very grateful if you can head forward to the following link to give this model your support.

:classic:221B Baker Street from Sherlock (BBC):classic:

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Thank you! I always enjoy using LEGO parts to recreate details or small furniture.

>Mr Spielbrck

Thanks, the Speedy's is a must visit attraction for me if I have the chance to travel in London.

When I was designing the cafe in LDD, I looked for many blogs and tourists comments to find how its interior looks like.(which always made my feel hungry in midnight:iamded_lol:)

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There is so much good about this I don’t know where to start. I love the modular aspect of this and good use of SNoT for the speedy’s sign.

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