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[ESL - FB] Salida Este new Felipe's Residence

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Salida Este Felipe's new Residence


After returning from his adventure, Felipe de la Manzana decided to rest a little bit in a new place he and the MAESTRO company wanted to develop.

It was in Salida Este the Company wanted to develop its apple trade... A new plantation could raise soon on the Eslandolan island and it was under the direct commandment of Felipe the MAESTRO crew began to plant apple trees.

To ease his stay at the Salida Este settlement, Felipe ordered to build a new little residence.



The old Eslandolan colonial style was used to raise this nice little house built upon an old shack near the only apple tree the island had (for now...)


Felipe could run the plantation from here and could enjoy a good rest.

But someone arrived at the house : A MAESTRO post woman ! One of the new green messagers of the company !


Felipe greeted her; she barely answered and delivered the letter :

"My Dear Felipe,

The Ténotclaxcans could help you on your quest !

They said to us that, according to an old legend, there is a possibility the map (and its second half) is the copy of an old native tablet.

It is said, in this legend, that the tablet could lead the natives to the end of their actual "Age of the Monkey" to open the "Age of the Bird" (or Parrot, the traduction was unclear...)

They seemed to fear it and said our coming on the Ténotlaxcan island (Berelli) is the first sign of the end of their age and they closed the discussion with us now.

We would be very happy to have you in Elisabethtown to help us to recontact the Ténotlaxcan High Priestess and re open the discussion.


Your humble servitor, Lord Basil d'Eslandola."

Well it seems Felipe will be back in business soon !


The build is licensed as a small residence in Salida Este for Felipe de la Manzana.

Hope you'll like it !

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Neat little house. :thumbup: I really like the lower roof technique; it's rather creative. And nice use of the golden apple on the flag. But I wouldn't trust that monkey with swords and pitchforks lying around! :monkey:

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It uses the classic Eslandian style, but still has some Salida Este character to it. Nicely done. :thumbup:

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The roof is as Captain Dee said very creatively done. Also the sticks coming out of the house, are those harry potter pieces? 

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