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Capt Wolf

Settlement: Interlagos, Maldria, Eslandola

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Settlement Name: Interlagos

Ownership: Eslandola

Location: Maldria

Mayor: Pip Janszen - @Capt Wolf

Size: Town

Who can own property in Interlagos: Anyone, from any faction.

Who can freebuild in Interlagos: Anyone, from any faction.

Fortifications: One large fort.

Troops: As of Nov. 2, 619, there are 30 men stationed here, all part of Janszen's expedition.

Island description: One of the largest islands discovered by Madrician explorers so far, the northern coast of this island has a more temperate climate likely influenced by weather of the great northern sea. The mountain range that forms an east-west spine along the island contains the highest mountains yet seen in the new world, the peaks of which are covered in an almost permanent mist. This range shelters the southern portion of the island from the moderating effects of the northern winds and a more tropical climate prevails here. 
     Several native tribes inhabit the island, and their relations with each other shift periodically, like rival siblings. They have been quick to trade with the new settlers, but the natives are protective of their lands.

Rumors: It is rumored that an ancient civilization once worked numerous rich gold mines on this island and that these mines could be reactivated with minimal effort. The peaks of the mountains in the central part of the island are said to be covered in snow where unusual creatures live such as a "snow jaguar."

Please post a link to any free-builds that take place in Interlagos in this thread.

Island map:


Location of Interlagos:




- Fort Janszen (large fort)
- Brickmaker (medium factory)
- Blacksmith (medium artisan)
- Sawmill (medium factory)
- Mess hall / tavern (medium artisan)
- Warehouses (medium commerce)
- Two houses (medium residence)
- Church (small art & culture)


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