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Darth Bjorn

[Factions Ep. 3] [S’kytri - H19 - Skye] [H19 - Skye - TT] Winged Words

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Mission Report from Lt. Daf: In our search for outer rim worlds suitable for Triumvirate outposts I stumbled upon a system far from the galactic attention and the least likely place to support an Imperial Remnant. However, after digging into their history and culture, I learned that a descendant of Kharys had risen to potentially replace the venerable leader of the S’kytri. It took little to convince her, with the promise of the full support of the Imperial Triumvirate. Some of these aliens are as gullible as they look.

Species: S'kytri, from Skye ('kytri)


And a look behind the scenes...



Handing over a S'kytric peace-blade...


Floor tiles technique...


Arc technique...


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