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[MOC] Transformer Triple Changer Apeface

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Name: Apeface
Allegiance: Decepticon
Subgroup: Headmaster Horrorcons
Alternate modes: Jet plane and gorilla
Motto: Obnoxiousness is not a problem. It is an art

Actually this guy was never in my to-built list.. but since this is "year of triple changers" for me, and  Apeface is sort of a low-hanging fruit compared to other triple changers when it comes to complexity, I give that a shot.


Compared to the original G1 Apeface.. some compromises must be made in the form of a different-looking jet mode. Hope you guys like my rendition!


The ball joints used for the gorilla rear legs are too weak to hold his body up. So he can't stand upright .


With LEGO Snapdragon I rebuilt few months earlier. (He's not a Headmaster though).


To view more photos especially how he transform between modes, proceed to my blog entry below:
Follow me in Instagram please!

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