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[ MOC ] BUDDY - the Emotional Robot

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Good day everyone!

Here is my newest MOC. As you may know, there is a company in Paris, called Blue Frog Robotics. They are the inventors and developers of BUDDY the Robot - domestic robot, that can express emotions. 

So, with their permission, I've created this lego-copy of BUDDY. With full spectre of emotions, that lego bricks are able to show! 




Because of license troubles I've put my COG logo on robot's chest instead of their own.

My BUDDY is full RC.

Driving, skid-steering, and full control over all head and face movements.

Its construction is very simple. Just a load of wormgears and actuators. 

There is not so much to show through photos, so I recommend you to watch the video:

Please, watch till the end. I added something like a teaser for tomorrow's annual Halloween Special!

Thanks for watching.

                                           Sincerely yours, COG in the Machine!

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