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[GBW] - Supporting the War Effort - Plighia - Blue Team Mission

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On the coastline of Alsarh, a clandestine joint operation between Plighia's elite S.A.U-CT (Special Activities Unit-Counter Terrorist) group and Alsarh's Presidential Protection Unit is about to take place. Their target is an old warehouse where two HVIs are meeting.


        TOC: "Blues 1 and 2, please confirm your positions."


        Blue 1: "TOC, this is Blue 1, we are at entry point Alpha and are ready to begin breach."


        Blue 2: "Blue 2 to TOC, on route to entry point Bravo."

        TOC: "Roger Blues 1 and 2, prepare to breach and wait for my signal."


        Sierra 1: "TOC, this is Seirra 1. . .Tango spotted side one level one."

        TOC: "Roger that Sierra 1, eliminate target on my go. . . Blues 1 and 2 sound off."


        Blue 2: "Ready."


        Blue 1: "Ready."

        TOC: "All units, execute on my mark. . . MARK!"

48956080352_20cd88e14f_m.jpg48956080132_5cc058ce32_m.jpg48955888706_330a495db8_m.jpg48955888416_af4b966c44_m.jpg                                                                                                                                        48955889006_bff795ecfa_m.jpg48956079157_210affb9d1_m.jpg48955339088_cfed5d4c1b_m.jpg


The HVIs are mid conversation when suddenly. . .BOOM/CRACK! The sudden noise of breaching charges stun them, followed by the loud CRACK of a flashbang the the numerous BOOMS of a nine-banger, keeping the group inside stunned for valuable seconds. 


Blue 1 and Blue 2 swiftly make their entry and begin to take out the stunned terrorists, making sure not to hit the HVIs that need to be questioned.


Some shots are exchanged but the end result leaves all of the gunmen dead.



Half of Blue 2 clear the attached room while the other half and Blue 1 secure the HVIs and cover the deceased. "

        Blue 1: "TOC, this is Blue 1, both HVIs in custody as well as two non-combatants that appear to be employees of this facility. . .over."

        TOC: "Roger that Blue 1, exfil is on route. We're letting the PPU take over from here."

        Blue 1: "Blue 1 copies all."








48955342443_8b1bc20e85_z.jpgEurobricks GBW by ODA 401, on Flickr



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You’ve been awarded ( 3) points.

Judges’ comments…

This was a cool build with A LOT going on. It had potential to be something really big here but fell just a little short with the lack of detail. You reached maybe a little too far with your overall size of the build and your ability to fill in the space dwindled. I liked the ideas and the flow but next time scale it down a little bit if you can't fill it up.

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!


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