Space Issues With EV3 Large Motor

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This is a 1:8.3 scale Technic MOC car I am making powered by EV3. Things have been going well until I ran into some space issues with some Large Motors.

I wanted them to be vertical, but they were too big, so I'm trying ways to get more space so the motors won't be very visible when I build the exterior.

In the right picture, I positioned the motors at an angle to save space, however it may make the rear too long.


The maximum room I have (according to blueprints) for the motors is 2.5 inches away from the rear wheels, so I need to save a lot of space or I have to expand the rear.

All in all, I have to position the motors where they are not too high or not too far from the rear wheels.

I'd thought I post this issue I have because I wonder if there is any other better way to do this. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice. :classic:

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Finished. The motors are placed exactly where I wanted them, fitting the measurements of 4.7 inches tall and 2.6 inches long.



Now I got to test the drivetrain, reinforce it, and get started on the aesthetics building, which make me kind of nervous. :wacko: Wish me luck to get this done before 2020.

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