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[COR-FB] The Oleander Prison Industrial Complex

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The Continuing Adventures of Count Mesabi!

Location: Astrapi Acropolis

Type: Small Cultural (Prison is a Government building, government is cultural. Also commentary on Oleon's culture :pir-tongue:


Deaaaaaaaarrrrr Wifeee,

So, today, on my long and winding voyage back to Mesabi Landing, I stopped in Astrapi Acropolis to talk to Padrè François, cause you know, I was kinda bored. 

Anyways, after breaking into a highly secure Oleander prison, I found his cell. 


He was just hanging out, so I walk up, and I'm like, 'Yo, how many times have you dropped the soap in here?'


And he's like 'YOU?!?' And I'm like 'Yeah?' And he's like 'I've burned heretics in fires.... blah blah blah blah... I should purge... blah blah."


and anyways after like a few minutes of this, I'm like 'Oh yeah, while I've burned churches and abbeys and monasteries, and convents...'


Well, then some idiot guard walks in, apparently he heard us yelling or whatever, and he's like 'Freeze!' And I'm like 'You don't control my temperature!' And then I used my awesome fight skills to incapacitate him peacefully.  


Anyways, then I just grabbed his chamber pot and and threw it in his bed and left. 


So, anyways, I'd say it went over well. A victory for interfaith dialogues! 


Oh, and for plausible deniability, "Or maybe it was a dream."


Count Mesabi


Thanks for viewing my build. Also thanks to @Ross Fisher for letting me use his character. I kinda overbuilt on this one, I was originally going to have the Count escape through the window, but changed my mind. I also made it as simple as neat and spartan as possible, reflecting Oleon's culture  because it's a prison.

As this is somewhat of a bizarre build, and Mesabi is a somewhat unreliable narrator, I wouldn't think to hard about how canon this is. :pir-laugh:

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The Count in prison? Mordo might like that idea... :devil_laugh:

Nice little build there. The prison cell is maybe a bit on the big side - but you want to have room for minifig posing and taking pictures, so I think it is okay. No brown tile for the result of the thrown bucket though? :thumbdown:

Good to see the Count back in action, looking forard to his next (mis)steps! :thumbup:

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What an affront to Oleon's culture, how dare you!:head_back:

Funny story, I'm just not convinced by Padre's reaction when the Count Mesabi threw the chamber pot on its bed, was he covering his face with his hands? Instead of summoning a sacred fire?

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What a great and hilarious addition to Count Mesabi's adventurers. Always look forward to seeing the next part and great job with the scenes! :excited:


Also, can you please include in the next part the answer to the all important question: "Yo, how many times have you dropped the soap in here?" The suspense is killing me!

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On 10/18/2019 at 12:10 AM, Mesabi said:

'Freeze!' And I'm like 'You don't control my temperature!'

this one is a classic :iamded_lol:

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