Lego train double tracking!!!

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With plans of picking up the Holiday Train and motorizing it, I've heard a lot of people recommend just picking up the Cargo Train (60052), since it includes all of the necessary parts, extra track, and pieces and isn't a great deal more expensive than purchasing the parts needed to motorize the Winter Train separately, however my question is why the Cargo Train and not the Passenger Train (60051)? They're effectively the same price on Amazon, is it just a matter of better parts selection in the Cargo Train?


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Really cool.

But you know what? I find it much more appealing when just one single line of text (or text fragment) is somehow pointing to what you are going to show with "a link".

But then - that is just me.

All the best!



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The only thing remaining is to do is building a black and white train for TOFU transport on Japanese railways!  :thumbup::thumbup::laugh:

I think the only problem will be the announcement of the train in stations:

"AE86 Train from mount Akina incoming on track 1 and 2..." :laugh_hard:

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